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Andre was the main antagonist of the Grimm episode "Mr. Sandman" and he was a Jinnamuru Xunte, a fly like creature that stalked the vunerable, and blinded them with a spray of parasites, so he could drink their tears which he was addicted to.


He traveled from South Africa to Portland, once he got there he went to a grief meeting, and met a woman called Molly Fisk, he managed to get back to her appartment, there he blinded her with a spray of parasites, and drank her tears, then left her to her death. He later tried the same trick on another woman Kelly, but was interupted by her sister Casey, so he fled.

Following the clues, Nick, Hank and the rest of the police tracked him down to another grief meeting, he fleed using his enhanced speed. Nick managed to catch him but he blinded Nick before Nick could arrest him. He then escaped and stole another man's car to get away.

Andre went after Casey, as his kind often revistied family members to feast on the tears of the grief they had casued. However Casey put up a struggle, Hank arrived and as such he fled again. But lost him and went to the attic. Nick who also followed him, chased after him, although blind, Nick's Grimm powers had compensated by granting him significantly enhanced hearing.

Meeting Andre in the attic, the two fought, although possess incredible speed, agility and durability, Nick's Grimm powers proved he was the stronger of the two, he managed to knock Andre out cold. Monroe scooped out his eye, as it was neccessary to make the cure for blindness. Andre awoke, but disoranted with only one eye, he lost his balance and fell down the stairs, where he crashed into Casey, who stabbed him in the chest with a cooking knife, killing the monster.