Andre Demouche

Andre Demouche is the main antagonist in the Quack Pack episode, "Cat & Louse".

He was voiced by Corey Burton.


Andre is a muscular man with tan skin and long blonde ponytail hair wearing a white sleeveless shirt, pink pants, yellow bracelet on his left hand, yellow cat medallion, red headband, red belt, and white shoes. 


Andre appears to be hard-headed, rough, mean, cruel, abusive, bossy, pushy, grumpy, and tough when it comes to training cats who obey or disobey him no matter what.


The Ducks and Knuckles go to Andre's house for an interview. Andre refused to be interviewed until he met Daisy and has romantic interests in her, which makes Donald jealous. He impresses Daisy by showing her that he can train his cats (two lions and a tiger) and Raven, a small black cat which Huey is afraid of.

Later, when Huey, Dewey, and Louie look for evidence in Andre's room, they find a secret treasure room behind a chimney, revealing that Andre's a thief. Andre catches the boys stealing the treasure and he goes out of the room with Huey and locks the others inside. He makes his wild cats chase Huey, but Huey outsmarts them by serving them meat.

Andre then makes Raven chase Huey. When Raven does so, he is about to fall off a cliff and land in a ravine. Huey saves the cat and he isn't afraid of him anymore, though it is later revealed that he's just allergic to him. Andre then sees that the other ducks escaped his room by making Knuckles eat the door. He then sees Huey making Raven chase after him on a toy jet plane until he goes to the kitchen and sees his big cats eating meat. When he takes the meat away from the cats, the cats get angry and start to attack him. 

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