Andrea de' Pazzi is a character from the TV series Medici: Masters of Florence, and the secondary antagonist of the first season.

He is the head of the Pazzi family, whose bank is the rival of Medicis'. His goal is to steal Medicis' richness and power, and he is willing to do everything to reach it.

He was portrayed by Daniel Caltagirone.


At first, he plots with Rinaldo degli Albizzi to accuse Cosimo de' Medici of usury and corruption. They try to make him sentenced to death, but thanks to Cosimo's wife, the Medici paterfamilias is only sent to exile in Venice. From there, Cosimo succeeds to make Albizzi's position weaker, so Andrea betrays Rinaldo and tends him a trap, so Albizzi gets arrested.

After Albizzi's mysterious death, Pazzi accuses Cosimo of being the commander of the murder, so Pope Eugene IV loses his trust in Cosimo and decides to transfer the Church's money form Medici's bank to Pazzi's. With a violent raid in Cosimo's house, Andrea intimates him to complete the transfer as soon as possible.

Also Pazzi pays an assassin, Ferzetti, to kill an olive merchant who was elected member of the Signoria to replace Albizzi, thanks to Cosimo's corruption. Lorenzo de' Medici, Cosimo's brother, investigates on this and finds Ferzetti, then he arrests the killer. In the Signoria's prisons, Pazzi's men kill Lorenzo and free Ferzetti.

But Lorenzo, while arresting the killer, found a letter in which Pazzi admits to have paid for the murder of the olive merchant. Cosimo finds the letter in Lorenzo's sleeve, and then shows it to the Pope, retaining the Church's banking and defeating Pazzi.

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