Andreas was the court physician of Odin in 1990. He is a character in the Saint Seiya anime franchise.


Andreas was a good man in Asgard, so, the people loved him, and he had charisma with them. He was one of the best friends of Sigmond. But, when Andreas freed Loki of his prison, Loki possessed him and uses his charisma to become the Asgard leaderafter Hilda sicken.

History as Loki

Andreas revived Yggdrasil and used Lifya to revive the gold saints, but Odin possesses life to he (Odin) revives the gold saints; he getseasily the loyalty of the god warriors, but Utgard only don't servebecause have known about Loki.

Aiolos revived and meet the Asgard leader (as the leader, Andreas must know something) and in the battle, Aiolos discovery the Yggdrasil menace and hit Andreas with his arrow, hurting his eye, and decrease his godly power, to help Aiolia and the other saints defeat him.

Andreas give Odin's sapphires to can control his body if they betrayhim and before this, ordered his God Warrios to don't kill the gold saints, because he went to see if the gold cloths can help Yggdrasil and see the power of the gold cloth, probably to know if his Saphires can defeat these cloths. When Aiolia, Dohko, Saga and Mu fight against Andreas, Loki possess Andreas body against his volition, to remove the arrow of Aiolos, and uses all his divine power, and possess fully the body of Andreas, and his hair changes the color.

With Athena Exclamation, Andreas was killed, but Loki creates a new body.

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