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Suka (b*tch)!
~ Andrei's most said word of the film.

Andrei is a supporting antagonist in the 2003 film, In Hell. He is a Russian inmate who antagonizes Kyle Leblanc in the prison.

He was portrayed by Bulgarian actor, Raicho Vasilev.


Early life

Andrei was a member of the Russian mafia along with Valya and their leader, Bolt.

At Kravavi prison

Andrei is first seen when he and two other prisoners sounds like goat upon seeing Billy Cooper handcuffed with another prisoner.

When the guards takes both Andrei and Billy to the cell, one of them tells Andrei to have fun upon attacking Billy. Andrei begins to rape him.

The next day, Andrei leaves the cell and provokes Kyle Leblanc by blowing a kiss similar to the man who killed Kyle's wife. Kyle fights with Andrei before Kyle is taken to the solitary confinement.


During organized fight, Andrei fights with Kyle, then Kyle overpowers and bites his neck, killing him.

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