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This city I've created is... is a paradise. Life is perfectly autonomous, a model of peace. But our corporation, First Life, Inc.? Hahaha. It doesn't exist. No sir. You see, people judge books by their covers.
~ Andrei Ulmeyda to the Smith Syndicate.

Andrei Ulmeyda is a minor antagonist in the video game Killer7.

He was voiced by Cam Clark, who also voiced Liquid Snake in the Metal Gear series.


Andrei is a generally charismatic person thanks to the power of the Yakumo, never showing any form of anger and only showing any fear at the thought of turning into a Heaven Smile.

Despite his boasting about wanting to create a utopia, he has very little care about the safety of others, forcing them to do tasks that are life-threatening to guaranteed death to even his most devout followers. This extends to the lives of people outside of his cult with him not even being phased at the explosion that destroyed a stadium holding a concert, likely killing hundreds of people.



Andrei Ulmeyda was a former post office worker in Texas when one day he found the Yakumo, a document that can turn anyone who reads it into a charismatic leader.

He quit his job in order to form Firs Life, Inc. a fake company that runs commercials that became so successful that he took over his home city and turned it into the Ulmeyda InterCity.

He then started expanding First Life, Inc. by having its employees do dangerous things such as driving a turbo car at high speeds and testing pressure suits in high-pressure scenarios past what their suits could withstand, leading to the deaths of many people including the reporter Jack Foley. Andrei Ulmeyda had all of these deaths covered up.

Mission 3: Cloudman

Andrei Ulmeyda hijacked the TV during a concert to announce his utopia to the rest of the world while talking about how the men watching the concert were wasting their energy with him mocking them by pretending to masturbate with the punchline being that when he "finished" the stadium exploded. The book Hand in Killer7 clarified that this explosion was caused by the Heaven Smiles.

On a separate feed, he personally challenged the Smith Syndicate to kill him.

They eventually found him in the Ulmeyda InterCity and reached him at which point he explained his company to them and how he was a risk-taker which included him doing dangerous things like infecting himself with viruses in order to make vaccines, however, one risk he never wanted to take was becoming a Heaven Smile, knowing that it would be a fate worse than death. He then begs the Smith Syndicate to kill him if he starts to turn into a Heaven Smile.

Suddenly, the US Government raids the city and captures Andrei Ulmeyda before injecting him with the Heaven Smile virus in an attempt to get a vaccine from him, however, the newly turned Andrei Ulmeyda explodes, sending a rain of blood that kills all the members of the Government as he turns his attention to attack the Smith Syndicate.

After they kill him, his ghost appears before one of his most trusted students of his faith, Gabriel Clemence who he tells to continue on his legacy while leaving him with the Yakumo.


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