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Andrew is the central antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights anthology novel series.

He serves as the unseen overarching antagonist of Out of Stock, 1:35 AM, The New Kid and Step Closer, the main antagonist of Fetch, The Man in Room 1280, and the first two epilogues, the deuteragonist of the fourth, fifth and sixth epilogues and is set to be the main protagonist of the upcoming Friendly Face.

He is the spirit of a dead child that tortured a man by keeping him alive, and later infected numerous toys, until his soul was put into the Stitchwraith.


Friendly Face

The short description of the upcoming story reveals that Andrew had a friend who was lost in a terrible accident, and "can't spend his money fast enough" for a companion that will keep his friend's memory alive.

Eventually, he was murdered by William Afton. Hungry for revenge, he latched himself onto the Afton's soul, prevented him from dying even if horribly disfigured and inducing horrific nightmares into his mind.

The Man in Room 1280

Andrew is first seen by Mia, appearing as a child with black, curly hair wearing an alligator mask. When the nurses attempt to kill Afton, Andrew shows up as a shadow kid, always stopping them. When nurse Hackerman tries to kill Afton with morphine, Andrew torments her with memories of her past, making her revive the death of her son, and then he shatters the fials full of morphine on the floor. When nurse Thomas tries to suffocate William with a pillow, Andrew fills the pillow with blood, and then he tores the pillow from her grasp, and the pillow ends up rupturing and releasing its contents all over the room. When nurse Colton tries to inject air Afton's fore-arm to cause him an air embolism, Andrew grabs the syiringe from her hands and stabs her on the neck with it, almost killing her.

After Afton is taken to the Fazbear Entertainment Distribution Center by Father Arthur Blyte, Andrew leaves William and infects all the objects inside the building. As a result, Afton bursts and apparently dies.

Andrew's agony infected an Ella doll, a Plushtrap Chaser and a Foxy the Pirate, while Andrew himself possessed Fetch.


Main article: Fetch (Fazbear Frights)

Andrew, as Fetch, is the main antagonist. Through the story, he obeys to what he perceives as Greg's commands in a twisted way, and he ends up murdering a dog, cutting off a man's finger, and then killing a girl.

Epilogue 4

Andrew, now part of the Stitchwraith, says that Fetch broke down in the rain, and since his battery pack is part of the Stitchwraith's body, he himself was also brought there, while discussing with a fellow soul, Jake. Andrew himself can't see anything as the battery pack is not where the eyes should be, and doesn't have eyes to begin with. Andrew then decides to tell Jake about his past. Jake decides to collect all the items infected by Andrew, while Andrew himself doesn't help him and lets him do it for himself.

Epilogue 5

Noticing Jake has brought flowers with him to the place where he keeps all the obects haunted by agony, Andrew starts asking what they should do with them, but Jake doesn't answer. As Jake starts separating himself from the Stitchwraith's body and feels ready to move on into the afterlife, Andrew starts calling him out. Jake, understanding he can't leave Andrew alone, decides to stop thinking about the memory and he remains inside the Stitchwraith with him.

Epilogue 6

Andrew and Jake are arguing over killing or sparing Detective Larson. Suddenly, the Stitchwraith's body falls straight into a trash compactor. While Jake gets out of the body, Andrew is grabbed by someone, revealed to be William Afton, his killer. Afton throws Jake into a void and builds a creature out of the Stitchwraith and the Andrew-infected items, but it's unknown what happened to Andrew himself.


Andrew seems to be overall insensitive, not feeling any kind of remorse for all the sufference he caused. In The Man in Room 1280, he shows a sadistic side, keeping The Man alive for years in order to get back at him, and hurting anyone opposing him, including innocent people such as the nurses. Despite that, he feels some sort of affection torward Jake, and he's seemingly scared of being abandoned by him. It's implied his evil nature is actually caused by his traumatic past and, more specifically, his brutal death.


  • It's strongly implied Andrew is the body Devon finds inside the yellow bear suit in The New Kid, with both having curly, black hair.
    • That also lead many people to speculate Kelsey himself was just a projection created by Andrew's mind, explaining his connection to the suit, and how he was mysteriously able to show up alive and well at the end of the story despite apparently dying earlier in the story.
  • It's currently unknown if Andrew is meant to represent Cassidy or the Bite Victim, if he represents one of them at all.
  • Andrew has been described as evil by the Nurses.


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