Andrew is a minor villain in Heavy Rain and is the main antagonist of the mission Hassan's Shop. Depending on the player's choices, Andrew can redeem himself.

He breaks into the shop owned by Hassan and attempts to rob the place with the help of his gun. He holds Hassan at gunpoint and demands for the money from the cash register. While Scott Shelby is at the back of the store but isn't known to be there by Andrew.

Andrew, if asked, reveals that he has a little daughter named Jessica. There are several ways what Andrew can do or how the mission ends:

  • Scott can attempt to knock out Andrew if he can successfully sneak up on him or if he fails to convince him to leave.
  • Talk to Andrew and get him to leave the shop without shooting anyone or robbing the shop.
  • Get shot by Andrew if he fails to knock him out or if he fails to keep his hands up. If Scott's shot, he will then cower out of the store.
  • Allow Hassan to get killed by not helping him stop Andrew by waiting at the back of the shop. If Hassan's killed, he seems to feel guilty of his actions, and rushes out of the store without even trying to grab the money from the cash register.
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