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Open those eyes. You don't have to wake up, but open your eyes.
~ Andrew

Andrew is one of the scientists worked for the Murkoff Corporation in Mount Massive Asylum and a minor antagonist who appeared in the sequel of the game, Outlast: Whistleblower

He appears at the beginning of the game, in the underground laboratory where had several scientists who were working in Nazi project Walrider. After Waylon Park was captured by trying to spread information of the project and how it's dangerous, he was taken to a testing facility, were Andrew and another scientist helped to trap him. Waylon almost unconscious in a chair, he knocks and sadistically mocks Waylon before having him exposed to the morphogenetic therapy, while he was stuck in the chair Waylon Andrew licked and committed perverts acts in Waylon. Andrew soon out in a hurry, after being informed by one of his coworkers who got Billy Hope "side rise" to the project. After he left in a hurry, he was never seen again, no one knows what happened to him, the more likely is that he was killed by variants or by the Waldrider.


Like most officials and scientists Murkoff, Andrew shows very little personality. It is implied that he may have sexually abused several patients, he appears to be sexual sadist

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