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Open those eyes. You don't have to wake up, but open your eyes.
~ Andrew to Waylon Park after striping him into the chair.

Andrew is one of the scientists who works for the Murkoff Corporation in Mount Massive Asylum and a minor antagonist who appears in Outlast's DLC expansion, Outlast: Whistleblower.


Like most of the scientists, due to the constant experimentation, Andrew wears a hazmat suit in order to protect himself from dangerous chemicals.


He appears at the very beginning of the game, in the Underground Lab. After Waylon Park was captured, he was taken to a Morphogenic Engine testing facility, where Andrew and another scientist helped him strap the barely conscious Waylon into a chair. He hits and sadistically mocks Waylon, before having him exposed to the Morphogenic therapy. Andrew soon leaves in a hurry, after he was informed by one of his co-workers that Billy Hope has achieved "lateral ascension" with the project.

Andrew is not seen ever since, and his fate remains unknown. It is presumed that he was either killed by The Variants or by The Walrider, during the outbreak.


Like most of Murkoff employees, Andrew shows very little, if not any morality towards Waylon. It is implied that he may have been sexually abusing the patients, considering that while prepping the protagonist for the Morphogenic Engine therapy, he first hits and then licks Waylon at the beginning of the game, indicating that he may be a sexual sadist.

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