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I told you I would make my career with you, Cleric.
~ Brandt to John Preston.

Andrew Brandt is the secondary antagonist in the 2002 film Equilibrium.

He was portrayed by Taye Diggs.


Andrew Brandt is a Grammaton cleric who works with John Preston in a society where showing any form of emotion or feelings is strictly forbidden. Brandt and Preston are employed to keep society under control by banning all forms of artwork, music, books and other subjects that provoke emotions in people. However, one day Preston accidentally smashes his dose of Prozium (a chemical used to suppress emotions) and he himself begins to feel. Over the course of the film, Brandt comes to suspect that Preston is trying to hide his emotions and has him arrested for helping a group of "sense offenders", rebels of the state. Brandt himself is secretly working for the corrupt Vice-Counsel DuPont (who is under the guise of the public figure Father), who successfully uses Brandt in order to expose Preston.

At the end of the film, Preston finds DuPont and Brandt in a room filled with intricate artwork and furniture, proving that despite the laws of society, DuPont himself is actually feeling. To protect his boss, Brandt attacks Preston with a samurai sword, but Preston quickly grabs a samurai sword of his own and slashes Brandt across the face. Stunned, Brandt falls to his knees and his face slides off his head, killing him.


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