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You know, I like your ass. Call me.
~ Andrew to Nomi permitting her to have sex with him.

Andrew Carver is the main antagonist in the 1995 erotic drama exploitation film Showgirls.

He was portrayed by William Shockley.


Andrew was a singer who performed all over Las Vegas in various casino resorts. He was introduced to Nomi Malone and her best friend, Molly Abrams, at a celebration party for Nomi's debut as the head-liner of a Las Vegas show called "Goddess". Molly was a fan of his, a big fan. He offered her a drink. They would speak of his career and how much of a fan she was of him. He took her to a bedroom where she thought she would spend a romantic evening with him.

But then his two bodyguards, or to be more accurate, thugs entered the room. Molly was bothered by this. As Molly tried to leave, Carver's men held her and he smacked and hit Molly across the face, breaking her nose. Then they threw her on the bed, ripped off her panties and raped her repeatedly, all the while still hitting her. In addition to a broken nose, they gave her vaginal tearings. After the brutal rape, she was discovered by Nomi and Nomi's boss, Zack Carey. They brought her to a hosptial. Nomi wanted Andrew arrested. Zack had other ideas.

Zack said he wanted to keep it quiet. He pressured Nomi to keep it quiet or else he would reveal that Nomi is really a former prostitute and criminal named Polly Ann Costello. She told Zack what he wanted to hear and kept quiet and Andrew was allowed to walk without so much of a call to the police. Shortly later, however, Andrew called Nomi to his lavish hotel suite. She gave him false pretenses that they would have sex. But instead, she pulled a knife on him and kicked him with her high heels repeatedly, while making an example of Andrew and avenging her friend named Molly.