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Hey, you punk! You wanna go out and play in the forest? I don't care about the cult's teachings. You got the permission? I don't care. I'm the rule here. If you play in the forest without my permission again, you'll be sorry.
~ Andrew shouting and hitting the children.

Andrew DeSalvo, also known as Victim 18, is a major antagonist who appears in Silent Hill 4: The Room. Andrew was an nervous man Henry comes across while the former is trapped in the Wish House's prison.


Early life

Before the events of the game, Andrew was hired by the Order as a watchman to look after the children at the Wish House Orphanage and the Water Prison. During the time, he was always drunk and abusing the children, and did not care whether the children kept or broke the rules.

It is implied that he may have killed Walter's friend Bob or caused his disappearance. It is also implied that he made Walter or one of the other children drink water with leeches in it.

Silent Hill 4: The Room

When he is free from the Water Prison cell by the protagonist of the game, Henry Townshend, the presence of a young Walter Sullivan appears and disturbed Andrew. He is later last seen drowned with "18/21" carved into his abdomen and as Walter's 18th victim.

Andrew's ghost later appears on the stairs leading to the basement of the Water Prison. The Victim 18 seems to be a dangerous one, as he can perform a barrel roll that deals a great amount of damage, and also has a very strong aura that will damage Henry faster than any other ghost would.





  • If he is freed after retrieving the key, he will haunt Room 107 in the Apartment Otherworld.
  • His voice actor is unknown.


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