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Andrew Dorn is the main antagonist in the first novel in the Noughts & Crosses franchise and a minor character in its sequel. He was a Nought and Jude McGregor's second in command for Liberation Militia, however he was later revealed to be a spy working for Kamal Hadley he most likely done all of his actions simply for money due to him being incredibly poor since he was seen as inferior to Crosses.


Andrew first appeared after Jude and Callum McGregor kidnapped Sephy Hadley, he went into the cell to inspect the new prisoner and was shocked to find out who it was and she too recognised him since he had talked to her father on several occasions some time before the novel. Since she knew who he was Andrew ordered that Sephy either be killed or forbidden to leave her cell. He later appears after the chaos involving Jude and Callum's fight and Sephy's escape whilst Jude and Morgan Green go out to find her Andrew sees his opportunity and informs the police of their location and they arrive to arrest Callum. Jude is furious once he returns and discovers that Andrew was a traitor and he ends up despising him and serves a special hatred for him after Callum's execution. He later appeared in Knife Edge after being framed by Jude for murdering Cara Imega declaring him a worker for Kamal Hadley and a traitor the L.I. He was murdered by a member of L.I. shortly after this.


Very little is known about Dorn's personality but it's heavily implied that if it weren't for the fact that he was paid well for being a spy then he would have actually been a proper member of the L.I. since he shared the same views and values as Jude. In the book he appears as rather calm and soft spoken and seems like a loyal member to the L.I however is later revealed to be a greedy spy simply selling out everyone in the group for his own personal gain.


He is described as a tall teenaged boy with long light blonde hair tied back into a ponytail who wears brown boots with chains around the ankles. He is also apparently one of the palest looking Noughts in the book.

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