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F*** you. Sit on this. F*** your family.
~ Andrew Glouberman

Andrew Glouberman is a major protagonist in Big Mouth. He is a nerdy thirteen-year-old middle school boy under the manipulation of his hormone monster, Maury Beverly. He is the best friend of series protagonist, Nick Birch.

He is voiced by John Mulaney.



Andrew Glouberman was born in 2005 to Marty and Barbara Glouberman, as seen in "The Planned Parenthood Show". Marty chose his name because he found it a fitting noise to yell it in anger. He grew up in a suburban household Westchester, New York. During his childhood, Andrew became best friends with series protagonist, Nick Birch, who was his fellow student at school and his distant neighbor at home. Over the years, he would also become friends with Jessi Glaser, Jay Bilzerian, and Missy Foreman-Greenwald. Overall, Andrew had a happy childhood, where his only concern was his dad being mean. Andrew's dad was kind of sick to him, yelling at him for nothing, insulting him, and blaming him for things he wasn't responsible for, like the cancellation of Two and a Half Men. Meanwhile, Barbara would sit around and do nothing, while she watched Marty's abuse toward Andrew unfold.

When Andrew became a teenager, he attended Bridgeton Middle School with his friends. Naturally, at this age, Andrew started going through puberty, which only meant that now, he had to start dealing with a hormone monster. His monster was Maury, who Andrew immediately hated. At first, Andrew tried to deny Maury's existence, seeing him as just a figment of his imagination that needs to be ignored. However, Maury made his presence louder and more unavoidable, when he started giving Andrew erections and pressuring him into masturbating at the worst possible times, like in the middle of class, during sleepovers with friends, or at funerals.

At this time, Marty was even more disrespectful to his son, insulting him and putting him down for being such a generally unpleasant sexual deviant. Marty didn't seem to understand that these were just natural effects of puberty and worked his damnedest to put Andrew down because of his sexual promiscuity and puberty-stricken body, which really only made Andrew's life even worse.

Current Life

Although Andrew had his fair share of shitty moments at the start of the series, he was overall a good person with his flaws, just like every other character in the series. Andrew didn't truly spiral down a path of villainy Season 3, starting with its premiere, "My Furry Valentine", and hitting its epitome of bad in its finale, "Super Mouth".


Despite generally being the hero, Andrew has often done evil, villainous, and if not, just all-around bad deeds in the series, from hurting the people he loves, to destroying relationships, to sexually harassing women, to physically abusing handicapped people. Most of Andrew's hateful behavior stems from Maury corrupting his mind but there have been a fair share of instances in the series, where Andrew has done horrible things independently of Maury and ignored Maury's wise warnings, discouraging him from said behavior. Overall, Andrew is in control of his own actions, making him responsible for his own bad behavior.

Villainous Actions

Season 2

  • In "The Shame Wizard", Andrew sniffed Leah's swimsuit for sexual pleasure. Leah walked in and saw him and screamed in terror, laughed, and even raged at him. Andrew flipped out and then ran away from The Birch House without even saying goodbye. He felt so bad about his perverted action, he got a visit from The Shame Wizard.
  • In "Drug Buddies", Andrew had sex with Lola Skumpy and broke up with her on the same day.

Season 3

  • In "My Furry Valentine", Andrew was jealous of Lars hanging out with his girlfriend, Missy. Despite Missy assuring him that she was not in love with Lars and wouldn't let him replace him as her boyfriend, Andrew still continued to have it out for Lars. At the Valentine's Day party, Andrew made a scene, when he started publicly insulting Lars, attacking him for his disability, calling him such things as a "motorized monster". Andrew's anger overpowered him so much, that he decided then and there that Lars was faking his disability and then forcefully tried to pull him out of his wheelchair. Missy tried to stop him and even Maury urged Andrew to stop but Andrew shoved her to the side and flung Lars' crippled body onto the floor. When Lars still refused to move, Andrew started kicking and slamming his limp and lifeless legs to try and force him to move them. When Andrew realized that Lars actually was crippled and he had just been beating up a handicapped kid in front of everybody this whole time, he felt really awkward. Not wanting to look like a bad person Andrew tried to win the moment by proving that everything in [Lola's house was fake, assuming that people would still see him as a cool guy if he could prove at least one thing right. Thinking Lola's TV was made out of foam, he slammed it on the ground and shattered the screen, telling him that Lola had very recently replaced her foam TV with a real one and that he had just cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage by destroying her brand new TV.
  • In "Girls Are Angry Too", Andrew sought immediate forgiveness for the events that had transpired last night, even though he knew he didn't deserve it. Later, Andrew sexually harassed a number of female students, by perving out over their skimpy outfits. When the girls explained that they had the right to dress how they liked without being gawked at, Andrew got mad and started cussing them out, insulting them, digging himself even deeper into a ditch of scorn. Later that day, Andrew went on the internet to complain about how women teased him like that and his video gained some traction from other YouTubers, who invited him over to a meeting with them in person. Andrew went there and saw a room full of MRAs, who sat around and complained about how much they hate women and see them as inferior beings. Before long, their hate speech derailed even further into Neo-Nazi propaganda. Not wanting to associate with them, Andrew got out of there as quick as he could.
  • In "'to Have An Orgasm", Andrew texted his biological cousin, Cheryl Glouberman, who he was somewhat in love with. After getting a picture of Cheryl's cleavage sent to him, Andrew was convinced by Maury to send a image of his penis back. Maury did a photoshoot of Andrew's genitals and eventually Andrew sent one of the pictures to Cheryl. When Marty and Barbara found out about this, naturally, they were furious and Andrew got into lots of trouble. All Andrew could think of when he was getting yelled at is what Cheryl thought about his image
  • In "Duke", Andrew made a lot of mildly racist comments about black people, referring to them as "coloreds". The worst thing about it is that he was actually trying to act woke and white knight for Duke Ellington, giving a speech about colorism.
  • In "The ASSes", Andrew cheated on his test by copying off of Samira, while also looking down her shirt. When Andrew felt guilty about cheating, he decided to resort to doing drugs to help enhance his performance. He broke into the bathroom and tried to take Nick's final pill from him, even though Nick bought that pill from Jay Bilzerian with his own money. Andrew fought Nick for the pill and ended up knocking it into the sink so that none of them could get it.
  • In "Super Mouth", Andrew was upset at Nick for stealing Missy from him so he made amends with Lars, so that they could both take down Nick. When Lars announced that Nick must die, Andrew tapped his fingers together, menacingly, as this was apparently his plan all along.

Season 4

  • In 'Cafeteria Girls", Nick and Andrew switched girlfriends without the consent of their girlfriends. When Andrew started dating Misha, she felt really uneasy.
  • In "Four Stories About Hand Stuff", Andrew killed Lewis Glouberman by masturbating without doing his method.
  • In "The Funeral", Andrew masturbated in the same room as his dead grandpa's corpse.

Season 5

  • In "The Green-Eyed Monster" Andrew develops an inappropriate, obsessive crush on his substitute teacher, Mr. Keating. This goes to the point where he gets jealous of his fiancée and even goes as far as threatening to kill her.



  • Andrew is based off Big Mouth showrunner Andrew Goldberg.


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