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Have you come to join us?
~ Andrew at the sight of SWAT squad.
Take comfort child.
~ Andrew talking to a cult member.
His spirit cannot be restrained!
~ Andrew after being arrested.

Andrew Taronne is the charismatic and unpredictable leader of the Taronne Children cult and one of the suspects in the 2006 video game SWAT 4. This is the cult guru that he founded, who decided to commit mass suicide by blowing up the tenement he lives along with other members, threatening the safety of the entire district. He was voiced by Fed Tatasciore.


Before discovering

Little is known about Andrew's past and his cult. It is known that he belonged to a group of separatists from Idaho and then came to the United States three years before the events of the game. He and his cult bought an old tenement house which need complete renovation and then everyone moved into it immediately. Taronne brainwashed his subordinates so much that they perceive him as a guru and prophet, so they obey his orders without any questioning. At Taronne's order, the members don't let anyone inside, and Taronne never leaves the building. The whole group believes in the power of self-defense and fighting, which is why almost all cult members are armed. After a longer stay in the US, Taronne has decided that he and his sect would commit a mass suicide by blowing up their tenement which would destroy a large part of the district. In recent months, the Taronnians have bought huge amounts of suspicious chemicals and fertilizer. Apparently one of the members decided to leave the group, so he told the police to stop the sick plans of Taronne and other members.

Arrest / Kill

On April 2, 2008 at 16:45, the SWAT team enters Children of Taronne's Tenement to arrest or eventually kill Andrew Taronne and arrest other cult members. Inside the building, the officers see one big mess, barely illuminated interiors, and a huge amount of explosives scattered throughout the building. The whole building has also been transformed for the needs of the cult and the individual apartments have a different role such as dining room, bedrooms, workshop, post room and even a chapel. They also meet armed and unarmed cult members fiercely resisting the handcuffing, just to prevent the officers from reaching their leader. The team also finds stairs leading to the basement, which plays a very dark role. It turns out that the cult members, upon Taronne's order, murdered all their children and buried them in a makeshift cemetery in the basement, which is why the officers did not meet any children in the tenement house. While trying to arrest Taronne, he is unpredictable but also completely sane and knows when to give up and when to fight to death.


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