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Andrew Vogel is a former African special forces office turned mercenary and the secondary antagonist in The Marine 4: Moving Target. He is portrayed by Josh Blacker.


He is a lead mercenary working for Officer Ethan Smith and the directors of Genesis Defence Cooperations. He is first seen trying to hunt down the police officer Jake Carter who tries to receive information from Olivia Tanis and protect her. As Ethan manages to find both Olivia and Jake, he calls Andrew to kill them in order to protect their company from being exposed to the public's eye. After he lost track over Olivia and Jake, Ethan drove him and the other mercenaries to the police station in which Ethan works. He assisted Ethan in destroying the entire police station, as Ethan would even kill the detective with blood on his hands. After that, Ethan drove towards a forest in which Olivia and Jake are located. After that, Ethan and the mercenaries including Andrew Vogel have found the protagonists during the early morning. Ethan is shot by Olivia, and Andrew becomes the final threat during the movie. Andrew then battles Jake, and eventually he shoots him on the arm. Olivia however managed to find enough signal in order to expose the information. He tries to kill Olivia but Jake Carter tackles him and eventually kills him.


  • Master marksman: As a former soldier, Vogel is proven to be highly skilled and trained with multiple types of firearms.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant: Vogel is a highly trained hand-to-hand combatant. He is well-trained in the armed forces disciplines as he was able to deliver a server beating to marine Jake Carter who is also a trained fighter in his own right and only lost to being caught off guard.


  • Despite being the secondary antagonist and a mercenary for Ethan, he was the  strongest and the final antagonist to die.