Geo Stelar: Th-that's Andromeda...?
Omega-Xis: At its core, it's a ball of loneliness. It has an EM body, but all it does, ever so lonely and sadly, eat other EM beings.
~ Geo and Omega-Xis before fighting Andromeda.

Andromeda is a major antagonist and final boss of the first Mega Man Star Force game. It is a space-themed war-engine capable of destroying planets. In addition, it is also the final antagonist in the anime adaptation.

In the first game and season of the anime, the FM-ians group mission is to retrieve the Andromeda Key so they can revive the Andromeda to destroy the Earth.


Mega Man Star Force

When Mega Man arrives at Space Station Peace and deletes all the FM-ians warriors, he confronts with King Cepheus. After the confronted, Cepheus summons the Andromeda and fights Mega Man. During the half of the battle, it transforms into it's robotic form. After the battle, Cepheus summons it for another battle to Mega Man, but Andromeda suddenly goes cannibalistic and attempts to eating Cepheus. Geo then remembers his friends who are depending on him, and his father, giving him full strength again. Geo uses a powerfully charged shot at Andromeda, and destroying it once and for all, save both Cepheus and Earth. Geo and Omega-Xis then forgive Cepheus for his actions.

Mega Man Star Force (anime)

Andromeda has a similar role in the anime.

After Gemini Spark murders all FM-ians (Despite failing to delete Lyra and Cancer), they manage to revive Andromeda, which was hidden in an iceberg and with Negative Energy. When Andromeda rises, it heads to Echo Ridge. Mega Man and Harp Note tries to intervene, but quickly overpowered by it and thrown unconscious into the ocean, but they manage to be saved by Cancer. Harp Note remains unconscious due to taking a full hit for Mega Man. While Mega Man confronts Andromeda, it transforms into it's robotic form and knocks Mega Man onto the streets of Echo Ridge city, revealing his identity to Luna, Bud and Zack.

The Satellite Admins sacrifice themselves to destroy, Andromeda in the process. Mega Man then defeats and finishes Andromeda off once then for all. After that, Gemini Spark White betray and kills Gemini Spark Black, to fully restore the Key and revive Andromeda. Andromeda then drills towards down Earth's core to blow the up planet. Gemini Spark goes to outer space, but Mega Man follows and catches him, Gemini Spark White throws the Key into Earth. However, Mega Man dives into Earth and destroys the Key just in time, stopping Andromeda. Cepheus then deletes Gemini and apologizes to Earth, Geo and Omega-Xis.

Powers and ABILITIES

  • Super Armour: Andromeda cannot flinch.
  • Status Guard: Andromeda is immune to status ailments, except for Counter-induced paralysis and poison.
  • Meteor Shower: Andromeda regularly drops a meteor on the player's position. The battle form drops three meteors instead. The meteors cannot be blocked.
  • Giga Missile: Andromeda fires two missiles down two columns at the player. The second form sends them down all three columns. The missiles can be destroyed or blocked.
  • Big Bang Eater: Andromeda will bite the battlefield with its teeth. This attack cannot be dodged, and is used only by its first form.
  • Big Bang Crusher: Andromeda's battle form slams its fists on the battlefield. This attack cannot be dodged, and is used only by its second form.
  • Nebula Blazer: Andromeda fires a beam down the center column, or down two adjacent columns. This attack cannot be blocked, and is used only by its second form.
  • Planet Destroyer: Anime only. When at full power from the Andromeda Key, Andromeda is capable of using its two hands in its robotic form to drill into the planet's core, and release a large amount of negative energy that would cause the core to become unstable, and thus destroy the entire planet. This was used to destroy Planet AM and nearly destroyed the Earth as well.
  • Regeneration: Anime only. Regardless on how damaged Andromeda is, even the point that it seemed to be destroyed after being struck by the kamikaze attacks from the AM sages and Mega Man delivering the final strike, should the Andromeda Key be fully charged with negative energy, then Andromeda is able to regenerate itself as if nothing happened.




Adromedia:  About Dominace:

Navigation:  If anything Dominate over the Planet: Insects, Speices, Bugs might  Rule the World. Star-Gate: Similar to the Ravishing Raves: Manual Technical Tactic's, Moral Disclipline  does not matter to them; Infestate and Multiply. The Rave's will Ravish also the Environmental landscape unless they are eighter detroied Or Repellent Repelled.

Cybernoids however will Ever  out last the Economy and the Infestest Ravishers, without Rust: Shinny and new. Insects, Speices or Bugs will not bother them, May Replace Human Kind. 

Mog and Gog: were false Profit's who restored Moral Descent Values to the nation. The Problem: They deceived the Moral Disciple's and went up against them and the teachings of the Lord. The False Profit's tried to seperate, divided Ecomony  and the Moral Desciple's from converting a nation.

Modesty vrs The State.  The Price of Freedom of Liberation: were not suppost to express, Conversion spread religion values, to the Globule public.   

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