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Andy Chirensky is a villain from I Spit on Your Grave.


Andy Chirensky was a young man who was friends with Johnny Stillman, Matthew Duncan, and Stanley Woods. When Jennifer Hills rented a cabin in the area where they lived, Johnny suggested that the group rape her, which Andy and the others agreed to. The four men gang raped Jennifer before destroying her novel. Afterwards, Johnny ordered Matthew to kill Jennifer to keep their crime a secret.

Matthew could not bring himself to kill Jennifer, so he spared her, much to the rage of Andy, Stanley, and Johnny. The men agreed to go and hunt for Jennifer. After Matthew and Johnny disappeared, Andy and Stanley went out onto a boat together looking for Jennifer. Andy went to shore, while Stanley remained in the boat. Andy took an axe with him to defend himself. Andy and Stanley tried to get away from Jennifer by she killed Andy by plungeing him in the back with his own axe.

Many years later, Andy's cousin Scotty, along with several other relatives of her victims, would attempt to take revenge on Jennifer.


Andy was the least developed of the men. While Johnny was the leader, Matthew was mentally disabled, and Stanley was the most sadistic and depraved of the group and the one to film the rape, Andy did not stand out much. However, like Johnny and Stanley, Andy was a sadistic and sexually depraved man who viewed women as toys for him to use, showing no remorse for raping Jennifer. His misogynistic tendencies went beyond his sexual depravity to the point that he and his friends mocked Jennifer's novel and ripped it up, believing women were not suited to write. Like the others, he took pleasure not just in satisfying his sexual urges, but in causing harm to Jennifer. He played a harmonica as he and the others surrounded Jennifer, reveling in slowly building up her terror before continuing to assault her. He also had no qualms with murder. However, he seemed to care for the rest of the group as his friends, as he tried to save Stanley from Jennifer and broke down in tears upon his death.

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