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So I raped you? I could have any girl in this school I wanted. Willingly! Why would I rape you? You're not even attractive.
~ Andy to Melinda.

Andrew "Andy" Evans is the main antagonist of the 1999 book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson and its 2004 film adaptation. Andy also appears as a minor antagonist in its sequel Catalyst.

He was portrayed by Eric Lively.


Andy Evans was a senior in high school as well as the rapist of Melinda Sordino. He met Melinda at a party, and he took her into the woods to rape her. Melinda tried to call 911 to help her, but she didn't know what to tell them.

This led to several people getting arrested at the party, and Melinda becoming an outcast. Because of this, Rachel ends her friendship with Melinda. With no one to speak to because of her traumatic experience, Melinda gradually became mute. Having not forgotten about her, Andy decides to sadistically bully Melinda as a reminder of what he did to her. He also encouraged Melinda's bullying to further place the young girl strictly into despair.

Later on in the story, Andy began to date Melinda's ex-friend, Rachel. When she discovered the truth about what he had done to Melinda, he angrily went to her, and he tried to rape her a second time. This caused Melinda to finally stand up for herself, and Andy was found out of his true nature and he was later arrested. in the 2004 movie he was trapped and confronted by a hockey team while Andy is defeated as he is unable fight back.

In Catalyst after his defeat, Andy was found guilty but got probation and was in house arrest, his actions was in his permanent criminal record, with the punishments Andy got he was forced to wear a electronic tag for his safety, Andy can no longer hurt anyone and is now harmless.


Andy was described as sleazy and narcissistic, and he was also noted as being very handsome looking. Despite this, he was actually a repulsive individual underneath. He had a disturbing history of sexually assaulting girls, and it's heavily implied that Melinda wasn't the only girl that he raped.

Andy was also a sadist as shown when he was asking Melinda if she remembered their time together and taking great enjoyment from it.


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