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Andy Holt (6th July 1985 - 16th February 2006) is an antagonist in Hollyoaks.

He was played by Warren Brown from August 2005 until the character's death in February 2006.


Andy was a serial rapist who raped several women after spiking their drinks, and eventually convinced Sam Owen into joining him.

Andy first appeared to be a charming and easy-going student, but eventually displayed a darker side. He spiked the drink of and later raped Dannii Carbone, the girlfriend of Sam's brother, Russ. Dannii initially confided in Louise Summers, but feared teling Russ. Eventually she decided to tell Russ, but Andy had convinced Russ that Dannii had cheated on Russ with him, and that Dannii would accuse Andy of rape. Russ believed Andy over Dannii.

Andy also later spiked Louise's drink when he saw that his friend, Joe Spencer, had taken a liking to Louise. However, Joe sensed that something was not right, so when he took her back to the flat, he put her to bed. Andy was lead to believe that Joe and Louise had slept together, but Louise revealed that she and Joe had not slept together to Andy's disappointment.

Andy took a liking to Mel Burton, and noticed Sam's interest in Mel's twin sister, Sophie. Andy spiked the pair's drinks and raped Mel, leaving Sophie with Sam. The girls went to the police after the attack, only for Sophie to discover that she was not attacked, but Mel was.

Andy later discovered this and confronted Sam at the top of a cliff, with a fight ensuing. Russ witnessed the fight, as well as the pair falling from the cliff. They both managed to grab onto the cliff, but Russ decided to save Sam and Andy fell. However, Andy managed to re-surface in the water, but decided to flee the village, letting everyone believe that he had died.

Andy later returned in February 2006, meeting with Sam and Russ's daughter, Nicole. He took Nicole on holiday with him, and sent Russ and Sam anonymous text messages. He later tried to drug and rape Nicole after taking her to an abandoned warehouse, but was interrupted by Russ and Sam, who attempted to fight Andy. Andy managed to overpower the pair, but Russ managed to grab a pole and bludgeoned Andy with it.

When Andy came round, he found his hand tied together and that he had been drugged by Mel. Andy attempted to make Mel sympathise with him, but let his guard slip. She reminded him that she could do whatever she wanted to him, as he was in no fit state to fight back. Andy managed to flee, and Mel gave chase. Andy ran into the basement of the warehouse into a dark room, and Mel heard Andy scream. She turned on the lights to find that he had impaled himself on a pole, calling him a "bastard" and watching him die.