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Andy Landers was a secondary antagonist in the 2018 Spike Lee movie BlacKkKlansman.

He was portrayed by Frederick Weller, the cousin of actor Peter Weller.

An officer in the Colorado Springs Police Department, Landers was a corrupt and racist cop who used his police powers to harass, intimidate, and murder African Americans. In the 1970s he had shot a young African American male in the back, killing him. He despised Ron Stallworth, who was the first African American cop on the force.

After Stokley Carmichael (aka Kwame Ture) had given a speech to the Black Student Union at Colorado College, Landers pulled over the car he was riding in. He sexually assaulted the driver, the Black Student Union President Patrice and physically assaulted Carmichael.

Later, at a local bar Landers saw both Patrice and Stallworth. Inviting himself to their table, he claimed that he could do what he wanted, even as far as shooting both of them, and nothing would be done. What Landers did not realize was that Stallworth was wired for sound, and had recorded everything he said. Stallworth asked Flip Zimmerman, Chief Bridges, and other detectives all dressed in plain clothes at the bar if they got what Landers said. Bridges had Landers arrested for official misconduct.


  • While based on a real cop in the CSPD, the real Ron Stallworth stated that the real cop had not behaved quite as badly as Landers had in the film.
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