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Andy Richards is the main antagonist of the 2009 horror-mystery-thriller film Sorority Row. He's the boyfriend of Cassidy Tappan and the serial killer murdering the true culprits behind Megan's death, so Cassidy can not be prosecuted.

He was portrayed by Julian Morris who also portays Wren Kingston in soap opera drama series Pretty Little Liars. In costume scenes as The Graduate were portrayed by Edward Gabree and Mick O'Rourke.


After Cassidy's sorority sister Ellie confided in him about the death of Megan, Andy decided that in order to protect Cassidy, and free her from the "bad influence" of her Theta Pi sisters, he would kill all of the people who knew.

Dressing in a hooded graduation gown and modifying the tire iron used to kill Megan into a deadly weapon, he began to stalk and kill anyone who knew about Megan's death as well as anyone who got in his way, culminating in setting the Theta Pi house on fire.

When he revealed himself as the killer to Cassidy, she feigned siding with him in order to try and save Ellie, but after discovering her deception, set his sights on killing her.

As he's about to kill Cassidy, Ellie arrives and tells him "Farewell, a$$hole" before shooting him in the chest with a shotgun, Andy falls and is engulfed in the flames below.


On the surface, Andy is smart, kind, and totally devoted to his girlfriend. But underneath is a cold, calculating, and manipulating psychopath who will go to any length, especially murder, to achieve his goal. Despite that, he did actually love Cassidy and only turned on her when she went against him.