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Andrew "Andy" Zhen is the main antagonist of the Saints Row: The Third DLC Ganstas in Space. He is the arrogant and cruel director of the in-universe film Gangstas in Space, which stars the leader of the Saints.

He was voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, who also voiced Vilgax in the 2016 Ben 10 reboot.


Zhen first meets the Boss and Jenny backstage, just before filming begins on the Gangstas in Space movie. It soon becomes apparent that he values fame over talent as he constantly sucks up to the Boss, but shuns Jenny simply because she is not a "name" actress.

As filming proceeds, Zhen allows the Boss to get away with all sorts of mistakes and script deviations, but constantly berates and insults Jenny even when she acts and follows the script perfectly. He also has little regard for the actors' safety, and he unexpectedly endangers them several times to make the movie more exciting.

While filming the final scene, it is revealed that instead of remote controls, Zhen uses extras to pilot the enemy ships, resulting in numerous deaths for the sake of the movie. He further endangers the Boss and Jenny by making them perform a stunt while causing their ship's controls to go haywire. This, combined with his frequent verbal abuse, causes Jenny to snap and pilot the Aegean towards Zhen, impaling him on the nose of the ship and instantly killing him.


This article contains content derived from the "Andy Zhen" article on the Saints Row, licensed under CC-BY-SA.


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