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You remind me of a Klingon woman I raped once.Aneel, to Gava.

Aneel was an antagonist in the Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Strike Zone.


A male Kreel, Aneel was the Captain of a Kreel raider in the mid 2360s. He was part of a raiding party led by Budian on DQN-1196. When Budian was killed while trying to open a door, Kreel became the leader of the expedition. Aneel and the other members of the team came across an advanced cache of weapons. They were able to talk the weapons into attacking the Klingons both on the surface and in orbit on board the IKS Kothulu.

Aneel was later asked to be part of a delegation on the USS Enterprise to head to DQN-1196 and negotiate over the weapons cache. Upon encountering the KLingon delegation Aneel insulted The Honorable Kobry's daughter by comparing her to a Klingon woman he once raped, causing the Klingons led by Tron to attack the Kreel delegation. Both delegations were thrown in brig facilities until Kobry was able to work out a deal with Aneel.

Learning that the Selvian Jaan Devin was dying, Aneel manipulated the young man into granting them access to the ship's armoury by promising the young Selvian a cure to the terminal disease he had. Aneel used Devin to gain access to the bridge, and then killed Devin - stating that he had given Devin the cure to his disease, namely death.

Learning of Worf's plans to secure the Enterprise Aneel went to confront Worf. During the fight between the two men, Aneel was partially thrown into an active transporter beam, causing his head and shoulders to be beamed down to the surface of DQN-1196 while the rest of his body remained on the Enterprise. Asked what had happened, Worf said that the Kreel leader had gotten "ahead of himself."

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