Anesthesia is the main villainess of the wrestling video game Rumble Roses.

Anesthesia has two Personas on as herself which is a babyface (a wrestling term for good guy) though only by name, Anesthesia is sadistic and cruel for all intents and purposes, as she lacks compassion and is only dedicated to her goal of creating the perfect strongest female fighter.  Her heel (wrestling term for villain) name is Dr. Anesthesia.  Anesthesia is a tall mysterious woman of exotic beauty, who is rude and has a complete lack of compassion for others and only sees them as subjects for her project to create the ultimate fighter.

Her Japanese voice actress is Ai Orikasa. She was dubbed by Donna Burke in the first game, with Wendee Lee voicing her in the sequel.

Villainous Acts

  • Turned the protagonist, Reiko Hinomoto's sister into a masked villain known as Evil Rose.
  • Took the DNA of Reiko Hinomoto's deceased Mother and put it into a Robotic creation known as Lady X.
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