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Mudung's Monster, a towering eyeless grasshopper. It has two long, spiral horns and it never appears to be perturbed or surprised by any happening. Its indigo exoskeleton is wrinkled. It was created by the human goddess Mudung Deepperplexes and is of a part with fate.
~ One of nearly infinite pre-generated possibilities for an angel.

Angels are horrendously powerful, gigantic, procedurally generated boss creatures in the indie management simulation game Dwarf Fortress.

Due to the procedural generation of the world, coupled with the fact that many elements can be customized by the player, the strength, threat level, placement and physical form of angels vary greatly.

Angels, and their variants, are the absolute strongest creatures in the game, acting as the "final bosses" of the game if playing in "Adventure Mode". Despite being called "angels", they have a dark and malevolent purpose.


The detailed history of angels are never greatly expanded upon, though at some point, they were made to guard vaults constructed by demons by any means necessary. These vaults are implied to exist from a "time before time", with the angels themselves also possibly existing during this era.


Angels are represented by a "Ä" in gameplay, though the color is different depending on which variant it is.

Being randomly generated by the game, angels can take any form, any shape with nearly any form of attack. Even forms that make little to no logical or sense can be created. Their form is related to the deity and sphere of influence the angel is connected to.

Drawing of a player's randomly generated vault angel.

All angels are able to swim and breathe underwater, as well as act as powerful building destroyers. They are immune to traps, pain, fear, nausea, stunning, exertion, dizziness, fevers and any sort of poison. Unlike their demon counterparts, angels do not seem to be universally immune to fire. Assistants and Soldiers are able to equip items and freely open unlocked doors. Some angels have access to a syndrome called "divine sickness", whose effects are randomized, but typically include effects such as vomiting blood, blisters, numbness and nausea.

Angels are usually not encountered in "Fortress Mode", as they never leave the vaults they are guarding. However, dwarves can be sent on missions to recover artifacts in these vaults, which will most likely result in the angel brutally slaughtering anyone who enters.

Killing angels in a vault will eventually have them respawn after an unknown amount of time.


Angels come in three variants:

  • Assistants - Represented by a dark yellow "Ä" or "ä" in gameplay, assistants are highly randomized bestial creatures. Vaults contain exactly 50 of them, and are the least threatening variant of all angels. They have low combat skills and no weapons or armor.
  • Soldiers - Represented by a cyan "Ä" or "ä" in gameplay, soldiers have a "Talented" combat skills (which is six on a scale of fifteen). Vaults contain exactly 25 of them. Their weapons and armor are always made of "divine metals", and clothes of "divine fabrics".
  • Archangel - Represented by a red "Ä" in gameplay, archangels are the closest thing to a final boss the game can offer. They possess "Grand Master" skill levels in most combat skills (which is 14 on a scale of 15), making them an unspeakably difficult foe to take down. A vault only contains one archangel at a time. Defeating one unlocks a slab related to the demon who created the vault.

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