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Angel is a minor antagonist of the 2017 action spy comedy film Kingsman: The Golden Circle. He is a drug user who works for Poppy Adams.

He was portrayed by Tom Benedict Knight.


Starting as a Latino drug user, Angel was offered a job in the infamous organization known as the Golden Circle by Poppy, who invited him and her longtime employee Charles to her diner in Cambodia. As part of the initation, Angel was tasked to throw Charles into the grinder so that Poppy can use his part to cook her "Poppy Burgers". A frightened Charles attempted to leave, but Poppy sets her robotic dogs Bennie and Jet to stop him. Angel then punches Charles in the face before throwing him into the grinder.

Seeing this, Poppy was satisfied and sent Angel over to Beauty-Bot, who takes Angel to a chair where she files his teeth, erases his fingerprints with a laser, and administers the Golden Circle tattoo on his chest with molten gold, causing him a lot of pain.

However, despite his successful initiation into the Golden Circle, Angel finds himself into trouble when Poppy learns that he sampled her drugs alongside the kidnapped celebirty Elton John against company policy. As such, Poppy angrily ordered Bennie and Jet to maul Angel to his death as punishment, ripping up his body in half.


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