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Be me good or be me bad, it is I who always prevails.
~ Angel
Maybe that was too much stimulation for you... Are you goin' off to heaven?
~ Angel's win quote in The King of Fighters XIV.

Angel is a minor antagonist in the The King of Fighters video game series.


Angel was born in Mexico, being a wrestler which started out as an agent of NESTS.

In The King of Fighters 2001, she worked with K9999 to assassinate Kula Diamond and her guardians, who she was on the name official team on. Upon being defeated, as K9999 heads off with the Ikari Warriors, Angel stayed behind to destroy NESTS' headquarters.

After the defeat of NESTS, Angel remained in Mexico on the run, constantly dodging NESTS loyalists. Eventually, Ramón would find Angel and convince her out of her own boredom to fight alongside him and the King of Dinosaurs as Team Mexico in The KIng of Fighters XIV.


Angel is a honorable, sexually, fiercely, and adorable NESTS assassin who was a lot like of a cat, which she very hates the others to mentions her weight then inkling about they attempting to writes whom would died into the punishing. Unlike K9999, Angel is lack of evil but realizing that she count as the savage girl yet of actually was the organization soon be dissolve. However, she is becomes a ally of her teammates Ramon and King of Dinosaurs even after she left the NESTS and set up joined the latest KOF tournament.


  • She, alongside Shermie, has the largest recorded bust measurement in The King of Fighters series.

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