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Angel Hudson is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders. He appeared as a major antagonist in 2001 and 2002.

He was portrayed by Goldie.


First introduced in June 2001, Angel is a gold-toothed gang boss who is somewhat acquainted with fellow gangster Steve Owen. This is first shown when Steve invites Angel to join him and a number of other people, including Steve's archenemy Phil Mitchell, in a poker game at Steve's nightclub called the E20.

Angel's arrival at the nightclub appears to shock one of the players, Paul Trueman. It soon transpires that the two have some history, and that Paul previously worked for Angel to the point where he owes him £30,000. Angel explains this to Steve without mentioning Paul's name as the pair discuss how business is going for each other. When the game later enters into break-time, Angel confronts Paul over what he is owed and threatens to make him disappear for good unless he repays him £30,000 by the end of the week.

However, Paul's efforts fail despite blackmailing his brother Anthony and stealing property from their estranged mother Audrey at their residence. Angel soon visits Paul again to reclaim his money. When Paul tells him that he hasn't got it, however, Angel responds by having Paul beaten up and threatening to hunt down his family unless he pays up. Paul eventually succeeds after forcing Anthony to take out a loan by threatening to expose their secret - that Anthony, back when he was 15-year-old, had unintentionally hospilatized a pesteration before fleeing from the scene and afterwards Paul took the blame to the point where the latter served an 18-month prison sentence. When Angel visits Paul again, he is satisfied with reclaiming his £30,000 debt. Angel leaves, but tells Paul that they will meet again.

Over a year later in 2002, Angel returns to demand some favors from Paul. At somepoint Angel is set to be put on trial for murder and he begins using his wife, Precious, as a fake alibi to avoid going to prison. Angel later gives Paul a task of keeping Precious safe from the police until the trial collapses. Paul complies and manages to accomplish his task for a while. However, he is unaware that Precious is actually Angel's wife; Paul eventually sleeps with Precious and they end up having an affair behind Angel's back. Soon Paul becomes fearful once he learns the truth, and the situation worsens when Precious unexpectedly does a runner.

Precious' disappearence prompts Angel to confront Paul about it. He soon begins terrorizing Paul and his family. At one point he tricks Paul and Anthony's father Patrick into believing that he is an old friend of Paul and they end up having a chess game. When Anthony and his girlfriend Zoe Slater arrive back and alert Patrick of Angel's nature, however, Angel proceeds to take them hostage shortly before Paul himself arrives to prevent Angel from harming his family. Thereafter Paul manages to track down Precious and convince her to return to Angel.

Not long afterwards, the crime family related to the person who Angel killed plan retaliation against him; they plant a bomb in Precious' car to get revenge on Angel by killing her. The attempt fails, however, when Phil's mechanic employee Garry Hobbs gets caught in the blast; he survives with minor injuries. Later on, the rival gang kidnaps Precious without Angel's knowledge. They only release her when she agrees to testify against her husband on their behalf, as well as the fact that she previously told Paul that Angel had merely kept her as his trophy wife instead of really loving her - so much so that she wanted to divorce him. Later on Precious testifies against Angel in court and it seems as though that he would be going to prison for a long time, but everyone is shocked when Angel is found not guilty.

Following Angel's collapsed trial, Precious informs Paul about this and the pair resolve to flee the country to avoid his wrath. They nearly succeed until Angel catches up with Precious just as Paul finds himself caught in the midst of his family's conflict against Zoe's family, up to the point where they end up having a fight in The Queen Victoria public house. In the end, the police arrive to arrest both families - with Paul being amongst those taken into custody; as this happens, he is distraught to find that Angel has caught up with Precious and has taken her away in his car.

Soon enough, Angel makes it clear to Precious that he knows about her affair with Paul. It soon becomes more clearer to Precious that her husband has no qualms about killing her for her betrayal. But then Angel proecceeds to give his wife a threatening ultiamatum - either she ends her affair with Paul in exchange for getting her divorce settled, otherwise Angel would have Paul killed as well as Precious herself. In the end Precious decides to end her relationship with Paul to protect them from Angel. Upon telling Paul about this, Paul is distraught when Precious leaves the square for good. Angel then departs from Walford afterwards and is never seen again.



  • Angel made a total of 8 appearences during his time on the show.
  • Despite his short amount of appearences, Angel is one of EastEnders' few villains to never recieve their comeuppance nor be punished in any sort of way for his criminal actions.