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Angel Islington is the main antagonist of the BBC TV series Neverwhere and its companion novel of the same name, both of which were written by Neil Gaiman. Islington is an angel who has no gender who has been charged with watching over London Below.

In the BBC series, he was portrayed by Peter Capaldi, who also played Ronnie Pilfrey in Fortysomething, Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It, Cardinal Richelieu in The Musketeers and The Thinker in The Suicide Squad.



Islington was the protector of Atlantis. While it claimed to feel sorrow for its destruction, it is later revealed that he himself destroyed it. Islington claimed that the people of Atlantis deserved it.

For its crime, Islington was imprisoned in London Below, and the key to its prison was guarded by the Black Friars.

The Present

Islington hired two assassins, Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar, to kill Portico and his family. It had the duo write in Portico's diary that Islington was a friend and should be trusted. Portico's daughter, Door, read this and sought out Islington along with her companion Richard Mayhew. Islington told them that if they retrieved the key, it could solve their problems. As Door and Richard went after the key, Islington instructed Croup and Vandemar not to kill them.

When Door and Richard retrieved the key, Islington had Croup and Vandemar capture them. It revealed that it needed Door to use the key to escape its prison and create a portal to Heaven. Islington planned to invade Heaven and overthrow God and the other angels. When Door refused to comply, Islington had Richard tortured in front of her. Door agreed to open the Door, but revealed that she had the key replaced, and she opened a door across space and time. Islington, along with Croup and Vandemar, was sucked through the portal and trapped.


  • Like many characters from Neverwhere, Islington is named after a location in london.
  • Islington claimed that the citizens of Atlantis deserved to be destroyed. This means that it believes in some form of justice, though the specifics aren't clear.
  • Islington said Lucifer was an idiot for failing to conquer Heaven. This would imply that Islington had some plan to succeed in conquering Heaven.