The Angel of Death, also referred to as Death or the Grim Reaper, is a major antagonist in the 1989 comedy-adventure film The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.


The Angel of Death first appears as Baron Munchausen is lying on the ground while the theatre that he's in is being barraged by the Ottoman Turks. It attempts to claim Munchausen's soul, but is driven off by Sally.

It later appears again as Munchausen is riding on a cannonball to try and claim Munchausen's soul again, but the Baron swats it away.

It appears once more, after Horatio Jackson shoots Baron Munchausen, emerging and revealing itself from the statue beneath him. Disguising itself as a doctor, the Angel approaches Munchausen and claims his soul. However, it is revealed right after that this was merely part of a story Munchausen was telling, and that he is in fact still alive.

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