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We are that which created the universe... Our name is The Angel of Light and Shadow... And now, to create the universe anew, we destroy this one.
~ The Angel

The Angel of Light and Shadow is the creator of the Bomberman Universe and the true final boss of Bomberman 64: The Second Attack. After creating the universe, it split into two different entities. One was called Mihaele, a Goddess; the other entity was Sthertoth, a demon.

He is born anew when Mihaele, the goddess, and Sthertoth, the demon, merge together again and is set to create a new universe. She attacks using several kinds of elements: fire, water, ground and lightning. She can also summon a huge sphere of light that follows Bomberman and can only be destroyed with a Shadow Bomb. Bomberman must prove the dualistic deity through battle that there are beings in the universe who still have hope. The Angel promised to return in the future for another revision.

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