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You have no idea.
~ Angela after kissing Dex to transform him into a demon.

Angela Feld is the main antagonist in the 2009 remake horror film, Night of the Demons.

She was portrayed by Shannon Elizabeth.


Angela hosting a private halloween party.

Once a high school student, Angela hosted a Halloween party at an abandoned New Orleans mansion once owned by Lady Evangeline Broussard and was charging people with money in order to survive from living out in the streets.

As she was hosting the party she wants to make sure everyone is having fun by drinking, dancing and letting loose. She also asked Diana by inviting Colin Levy by handing out drugs in order to bribe money.

The Police end up ruining the party and send everyone home, while the money was taken by Diana in order to keep it for herself and Angela was charged without renting the house with permit and was charging admission.

Angela becomes a demon after being bitten by a demon skeleton.

After everyone left the party, Colin was trying to find his stash of drugs, while Maddie, Lily, Dex and Jason were looking for Suzanne as she wasn't waiting at the car, they were dismayed when she passed out from drinking too much alcohol. As Colin and Angela they head down to the basement to find it, but they discover a secret room behind a wall with several skeletons lying in a circle.

They realize that the skeletons are the missing guests of Evangeline party back in 1925, Angela discovers a gold tooth in one of the skeletons and attempts to remove it, but it cuts her hand in the process. As they try to find a way out of the mansion but no luck, they are going to be staying for the whole night.

Angela smiles after kissing Dex.

Maddie discovers Angela was feeling woozy and pail from the bite, she decided to head to the bathroom to investigate the cut on her hand. This cut infects her and she begins the process of transforming into a demon. As the group was feeling bored they decided to begin a game of spin the bottle. As they were doing dares, one dare was kissing two girls and one was kissing two men. Angela does a dare herself by infect Dex by kissing him, which prompts Lily to get jealous. Therefore, Lily has sex with Dex in a separate room where she is then turned into a demon.

Maddie, Jason and Colin go off to find another exit out leaving Angela to seduce and manipulate Suzanne. She begins to levitate, and then all of the sudden has the skin of her face ripped off and thrown on the ground. Therefore, Suzanne has been turned into a demon. Suddenly, most of the group are demons and the rest of the movie is just the other three trying to escape their clutches.

Angela drinking alcohol.

They decide to leave through the house's escape tunnel. On their way, they arm themselves with a gun and a metal bar to defend themselves. They discover the tunnel has caved in before being attacked by Lily and Dex. They manage to fend off the demons but Jason is injured during the attack. The survivors run upstairs and tend to Jason's injury. They realize that not only are they in the maid's room but that the symbols on the walls. They discover that the demons are attempting to take over seven human hosts to be freed upon the earth, having been thrown out of hell for trying to usurp Satan's rule. The demons had tricked Evangeline into hosting the party so they could take over the guests. The demons can't take over a dead body, which is why Evangeline hung herself. They also find out that the demons hate rust, finding that they can use it as a weapon.

Angela and the demons ambush the survivors.

As the boys fall asleep, Angela taunts Maddie but is unable to enter the room due to the spells. The walls begin pouring with blood, washing off the spells. The trio attempt to re-draw the spells but are lured out of the room when the demons fake daylight in the windows. The demons attack them. Maddie and Colin rush back to the room and Jason is caught and disemboweled by Angela turning him into a demon.

As they plan to wait in the room until sunrise, Colin falls through the rotten floorboards, falling many floors into the basement. Maddie climbs down a rope into the basement to help him, but he is now a demon. Maddie manages to get back to the maid's room and fights the demons. She makes her way to the balcony, where she ties a rope around her neck and jumps over, seemingly hanging herself. As the sun rises, the demons are killed. Maddie reveals that she only pretended to hang herself, having tied the rope around her waist and the demons merely assumed that she was dead. Maddie is then able to exit through the gates to her freedom.

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