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Angela Mason is the main antagonist in Supernatural episode 2.03: "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things."

She was portrayed by Tamara Feldman, who appeared as main villainess Kyla Willowbrook in "Skinwalker", a second season episode of Smallville


The episode begins with Angela in an argument with her boyfriend, Matt, which ends with her leaving in her car and driving off in tears. While driving, Angela loses control of her car and ends up in a fatal crash. However, Angela is revived from her grave and goes on a revenge mission, beginning with killing Matt at his home. It was revealed that Matt cheated on Angela with her best friend Lindsey, and Angela set her sights on killing Lindsey before Sam and Dean arrive and save her. It is also revealed that Angela's father's assistant, Neil, used a spell to revive her, mainly because he was secretly in love with her, but after Angela discovers that Neil's devotion to her isn't as strong, she kills him. Angela then goes after the Winchesters, with Sam allowing her to chase him to her grave, which Dean puts her back in after killing her with a wooden stake.

Powers and Abilities

Resurrection Enhancements: Upon her resurrection, her body became incredibly strong, awkwardly fast, and highly regenerative.

  • Enhanced Strength: She became strong enough to overpower and kill people without effort. She was even able to overpower highly strong human beings, like Sam.
  • Enhanced Speed: She was able to chase down anyone & even Sam.
  • Enhanced Healing: She was able to regenerate from any injury within a minute or less.
  • Immortality: She no longer ages, due to her being somewhat undead.