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I have an idea that will change the world. I know it sounds really stupid, but I know how to do it. I think it could actually work.
~ Angela Moss

Angela Moss is the secondary protagonist of the USA Network crime-thriller-drama TV Show, Mr. Robot. While for the most part a good-hearted and kind person, Season 3 proves that even the nicest of the nicest can get corrupted.

She is portrayed by Portia Doubleday, who also portrayed Chris Hargensen in the 2013 version of Carrie.


Early Life

Angela was Elliot's childhood friend. She was most likely his best friend, as well as his only friend. A flashback scene is shown where she is at a family party that Elliot isn't at. Elliot's dad, Edward, says to Angela while she's watching TV that if Elliot ever needs somebody to talk too, or a "push", as Edward puts it, she should be there for him. Her mom had just died during the Washington Township leak.

Teaming With Whiterose

Before season 3, Angela was seen as an incorruptable person. However, in season 3, she joins forces with Whiterose, Irving, Mr. Robot, and Tyrell Wellick. While Whiterose and Irving know about what the project truly is about; destroying E Corp and making it as vulnerable as possible as a way of teaching a lesson, the other individuals don't know what it truly is about. Despite both Mr. Robot and Angela being good friends with Elliot, none of them even bother telling him about it.

Later in the season, when Whiterose carries out the project and successfully blows up 71 E Corp buildings, killing thousands and thousands of innocent lives, everyone who isn't a Dark Army member is shocked and wonders why she did this. Angela at first doesn't truly understand what is going on, but Elliot does. After Elliot finds out that Angela was part of the process, he gets angry at her, obviously, but she refuses to tell him anything about it. Later, both Elliot and Darlene tried to convince her that Whiterose was using her as a pawn, but in vain.

Angela eventually redeems herself and goes back to her usual personality. She talks to her biological father Phillip Price, and they come to an agreement that they will together try to stop Whiterose. So therefore, it can be assumed that in season 4, Angela will be back as a more straight up hero again.


  • Despite being a very straight-up hero in previous seasons, some fans think that even before her teaming with Whiterose she was an arrogant and egotistical individual who only talked with Elliot when she needed something from him.
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