Dumb babies!
~ Angelica Pickles' catchphrase.

Angelica Charlotte Pickles is the main antagonist (and sometimes anti-hero) of the popular animated TV series Rugrats, and a supporting protagonist/anti-hero of the feature films, and the on-and-off arch-nemesis of Tommy Pickles. She's Tommy and Dil's bossy older cousin, Drew and Charlotte's bratty daughter, Lou Pickles's greedy granddaughter and Stu and Didi's spoiled niece, and is a recurring bully towards the babies. A spoiled brat by nature, Angelica is rarely seen in a positive light (though exceptions do exist), prone to control freak behavior and intimidation.

Despite her innocent appearance, she thinks that being older entitles her to be as cruel as she pleases towards younger children, yet is smart enough to manipulate the adults into thinking she's a very sweet girl in order to mask her true nature. More often than not, however, she does make big enough a mistake to expose herself to them and remind them that, at least most of the time, her innocence is all an act.    

She was voiced by Cheryl Chase.

Angelica's villainous roles

Nice to adults, evil towards babies.

In "The Trial", Angelica was the one responsible for breaking Mr. Fluffles, Tommy's smiling clown lamp, but she didn't reveal it until near the end and was sent to a high chair as punishment until her father returned when Betty and Didi overheard her admitting to it so remorselessly. This is Angelica's first villainous role.

In "Spike The Wonder Dog", Angelica made Spike talk and forced Tommy and his friends to get the cookie jar (even though they were supposed to be for after dinner), and brought it to her, and ate all the cookies.   

After finding out that Tommy and his friends were tricked, Spike rushed into the house to fetch Stu and Didi to see what Angelica for what she did. Then Stu and Didi took Angelica in the house to clean her up and called her dad for what she had done.

In "Chuckie's Wonderful Life", Angelica stole Chaz's favorite CD, Latvian Folk Dances, after Chuckie takes it after his friends convinced him to take it, and just like her original counterpart, Mr. Potter, she tells Chuckie that they'd all be better off without him. Chuckie is then shown what life is like without him by his Guardian Angel. He is shown the horrors of a world without him.

When Chuckie and the Angel get to the Pickles' house, Tommy is seen rooting around in the garbage. The Angel tells Chuckie that Angelica came in one day and took over. Stu and Didi are then seen being treated like servants, making nothing but desserts for her. As a result, Angelica has become morbidly obese and is also treated like a queen.

Tommy asks her for "one little crumb of cookie", even if it has already been in her mouth, she refuses, saying that if she gave one to him, she would have to share with everyone else, then she steals his rattle from him and throws it into the pile of the other toys that she stole from Tommy after she took over his house. Chuckie then tries to help Tommy, but because they're invisible to themselves, he can't. The Angel says without Chuckie as backup (and it doesn't matter if he gets scared all the time), Tommy has no confidence to stand up to Angelica, so Chuckie then wishes himself home.

At the end of the episode, Angelica and Drew went back to Chuckie's house to give the CD back to Chaz after Drew catches Angelica throwing it around her room  (like a Frisbee), and as punishment, not only is she forced to apologize, but she also doesn't get dessert for a whole week, much to her dismay. Chuckie and his friends discover that Angelica was the one who took the CD and that it is not Chuckie's fault.

Angelica Pickles is the classic on-and-off again villain.

In "Angelica Orders Out", after Grandpa falls asleep on the job after ordering some lunch from Zippy's Deli, while she uses her Uncle Stu's invention, she tricks the Zippy's Deli worker to order her own junk food (all of it) while she's forbidden to have by her Aunt Didi or Grandpa's teeth will be taken away for good.

In the process, traps Tommy in an upside-down laundry basket with a box of soap powder on top so she can prank call more people, including her father, Drew and order dessert, making herself sound like her own mother.

Eventually, because she's caught by the grown-ups (thanks to Tommy exposing her), all desserts she ordered are sent back except for the flan, which she's forced to eat (and so is Grandpa with his teeth removed as punishment for falling asleep again).

In "Partners In Crime", after having watched a black and white crime film with her grandfather and after Angelica's mom, Charlotte punished Angelica, for no sweets for a week after eating ten out of twelve cupcakes that Didi baked. Angry, Angelica decides to take Dil when her mom wasn't looking while being assigned to babysit Dil and take him on a crime spree. Angelica made Dil steal another baby’s bottle from another baby, then steal some cookies. Tommy and the others try to stop Angelica, but she stole a cake from several elderly people who were having a birthday party. Angelica was forced to stop at a nearby bush, and eats some cake until she got sick after Tommy ordered Angelica to surrender. Then an infuriated Charlotte and the other angry people that Angelica stole from found her and that she was in big trouble for what she had done. Charlotte then punishes Angelica for stealing & disobeying her, saying that she won't get new toys, new clothes or TV all for a month (including other various stuff) while Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil rescued Dil and returned back to the adults.

In "The Ransom of Cynthia", Angelica fakes the kidnapping of her beloved doll, Cynthia, so she can get a new doll. She gives the babies a fake ransom note, saying the "kidnappers" want all of Tommy's candy as Ransome. However instead of following their demands, Tommy and the kids decide to solve the mystery themselves and rescue Cynthia, and Angelica is eventually found out.

In "Mother's Day", Angelica manipulated Chuckie when he was mourning the loss of his biological mother (in a surprisingly emotional subject matter) - offering to be his "mother" but having no real desire to care for him.

While Angelica appears as the main antagonist of the series, in the first two movies she acted more as an anti-hero and would side with the babies in the end, against the main villain.

In "Rugrats Go Wild", Angelica acts as a villain in that she tries to scare the babies with a lie that they'll be eaten by mutant lobsters and giant squids if they don't do everything she says while they're stranded on a deserted island. She even renames herself "Island Princess Angelitiki" and puts on a grass skirt, which she wears over her white dress and removes her shoes.

She then proceeds to lie to Debbie Thornberry, also stranded on the island with her family, that she is an island princess and is mean to her as well. Among the many condescending things she told everyone was not to make any bad smells, lest they be eaten by mutant lobsters, in a song named "Island Princess." She even calls down Nigel Thornberry for eating smelly tuna fish in a can.

Her comeuppance is that she accidentally makes the biggest and worst "smell" of all near the end, in a small submarine (bathysphere) with all seven other Rugrats and Nigel. This happens because she fears for her life, after eating enough to feed a small army, with Debbie in a previous scene, and thinks the rescue arm is a giant lobster's claw grabbing the bathysphere!

She ends up being found-out by the adults and made to change her clothes, like no other character, on the Lipschitz Cruise at the end, too embarrassed to hang-out with the other seven Rugrats, their dog and Eliza Thornberry. She's seen with Debbie, but isn't drinking anything colorful this time!

In the spin-off, All Grown Up! Angelica is thirteen-years-old and is shown to have gotten more beautiful and somewhat matured, but still is spoiled and occasionally mean.

Rugrats Tales From the Crib: Snow White

Angelica as the Evil Queen.

Angelica Pickles plays the role of the Evil Queen in the Rugrats parody of Snow White. At the beginning of the movie, after turning down so many mirrors who disapprove the Evil Queen for being the fairest one of all, the Evil watches a tv commercial about a mirror who's nice. The Evil Queen orders the mirror and asks him if he thinks she's the fairest of them all. However, the mirror tells Angelica that Snow White is actually the fairest of them all. Jealous over her, the Queen orders her servants to make Snow White move out of her kingdom and in with the seven dwarves, who are played by the Rugrats and Spike.

As the Evil Queen asked the magic mirror if she's the fairest again, However, the magic mirror tells her it's Snow White. The Evil Queen now plans to humiliate Snow White as she enlists the help from the jester (played by Stu Pickles) to give her shampoo that makes hair sticky.

The Evil Queen disguises herself as a saleswoman and insists Snow White buy her shampoo after Snow White tries to refuse her several times. Once Snow White tries it, her hair becomes sticky, but then it looks pretty soon after as the seven dwarves put flowers in her hair. The Evil Queen notices it and comes up with another plan that lures Snow White and the dwarves away from their house.

She calls Phil and Lil about a contest to win tickets to the prince's concert. As Snow White and the dwarves leave the house, The Evil Queen trashes it as she brought several animals there. However, Snow White and the dwarves manage to clean up her mess, still showing Snow White as fair. The Evil Queen still refuses to give up and gives Snow White an apple that she passes out from eating. The Evil Queen becomes overjoyed as she now believes herself as the fairest as she subdued Snow White. However, her magic mirror quits on her for being mean as he leaves on a taxi driven by the Three Blind Mice.

The Evil Queen later finds the Seven Dwarves breaking into her castle and summons her staff to subdue them. The Evil Queen soon receives news about a magic mirror on sale and goes up a beanstalk to steal one from a giant. As she did, however, the giant chases her down the beanstalk. The Evil Queen escapes from him but accidentally breaks his giant mirror. As she returns to her castle, her staff becomes fed up with her as they keep her out of her castle and takes her crown away. The Evil Queen now decides to go to prince's castle to work there. As she arrives, she finds Snow White, the seven dwarves and the magic mirror playing with the prince there. The Evil Queen apologizes to them for her actions and then plays with them. At the end of the movie, Angelica becomes flustered at the story as she was a queen and demanded to have a crown. Dil soon throws his teasing upon Angelica's head, which Suzie calls it her crown as she and the Rugrats laugh at her for it.

Rugrats Tales From the Crib: Three Jacks & a Beanstalk

Angelica as the giant.

Angelica plays the role of  The Giant in the Rugrats parody of Jack and the Beanstalk. In the story, the giant moves into a kingdom above the clouds after the King of the castle left and never came back. The people of the kingdom became afraid of the giant since then.

One day, the Rugrats and their guardian, Aunt Moo, climbed up the beanstalk and arrived at the cloud kingdom where they met the fairy, played by Suzie Carmichael, who sold them magic beans and told them about the giant.

The fairy then told the Rugrats to take the giant's piggy bank, talking goose and her musical accordion. Once the Rugrats arrive at the giant's castle, they met the giant's servant played by Harold who warned them about the giant and tries to help them. After the Rugrats stole her things, however, the giant then began to cry as she said that it was her birthday and no one came. So, the Rugrats attend her party, making the giant feel better.

Then the fairy appeared and told everyone the giant learned to share and she sang a song about it with an angelic choir. At the end of the movie, Angelica said the story was okay and then ordered Harold to get her a refill of milk. Harold refused, making Angelica pour some milk for herself from Stu's milking device. The milking device, however, squirted milk at Angelica's face, making everyone laugh at her. The milking device then winked at the audience before the movie ended.


Angelica is a typically spoiled, obstreperous, impatient, bratty and shallow child. She's practically the makings of a selfish con artist in every way and will go out of her way to get what she wants, including lying and cheating and often tries to use cuteness as a weapon.

Angelica has often seen bullying and making fun of her cousins and their friends. Since she's older than the babies, who can only communicate with each other and Angelica, Angelica herself can communicate with the adults as well as the other Rugrats, which she uses to her advantage most of the time.

She's also shown to be untrustworthy, manipulative and treacherous, as she often manipulates the babies into doing her bidding. However, Tommy or Susie are quick to stand up to her before she gets out of hand.

In addition to all of this, Angelica can also be a huge hypocrite. She's often seen making fun of the babies over things that make them cry (if she's not making them cry herself), only to end up crying over those very things herself in the end. For example, she mocked Tommy over his fear of having a booster shot, but not only did Tommy not cry over it (he didn't even notice he was having it until after it was over!), Angelica did cry over her own booster shot! She also made fun of the babies for crying over getting "a little wet" when Chuckie was potty training, only to have an "accident" later on and cry almost uncontrollably over it! However, these instances of hypocrisy could be chalked up to Angelica being incredibly insecure, as she is not always shown to be as sure of herself or the qualities that she thinks makes her superior to others as she lets on.

Angelica almost always gets her comeuppance (except for the very rare times when she can be a Karma Houdini), whether it would be getting in trouble with the adults or the babies getting even with her, so she is sometimes a scapegoat, to. Sometimes, a simple act of fate or karma can also give Angelica her comeuppance.

Deep down, she has a softer side, as she's seen sometimes helping the babies, depending on the situation.


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  • Angelica is the most popular character in the Rugrats franchise.
  • Angelica's song in "Rugrats in Paris: The Movie," Bad Girls, is the closest thing to a villain song as she has.


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