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Angelo is the main villain in the 1973 Italian comedy film Even Angels Eat Beans/Anche gli angeli mangiano fagioli. He was a mafia leader in New York and a wealthy criminal.

He was portrayed by Robert Middleton.


Angelo was the leader of a Chicago mafia gang that had a lot of guns. He worked in New York City. It was not the police who were the biggest enemies, but the rival gang, led by Colosimo. There was no war between the two gangs, but the relationship was hostile. In his own territory, Angelo and his criminals almost ruled over others. The civilians had to pay defense money, and the police did not interfere in the affairs of the criminals or they were too afraid of Angelo's wrath. Whoever could not pay the money was either beaten or the victim died under mysterious circumstances. This also happened to a man named Sam Lewitt. Angelo's assassins killed him, but the gangster gave him a funeral. Angelo was driving into the harbor with his men, but two police officers saw them. However, they were too afraid of the mobsters, Angelo noticed them but the mobsters did not hurt the police. Several poor men were waiting for them and there was also Sam's wooden coffin. Angelo stated that his wife and daughter would receive good care, but he deserved to die because he did not pay money. The coffin is then pushed into the water and then sinks.

Angelo then went to a wrestling match where he made a bet. Charlie Smith fought against the Tigers of Chicago, who were three (probably brothers). Angelo bet on the Tigers. His most important man and his right hand, Cobra blackmailed Charlie, that if he didn’t lose he would die. However, the wrestler threw them out of his locker room. He didn't know what to do, but he was determined to give the audience a spectacular match by all means. In the first round, almost everything went perfectly, there was no sign of fraud and both sides were fighting. In the second round, Angelo sent Korba to Charlie that he had to lose here. Charlie did so, but an unexpected surprise came to him. When he seemed to lose, he saw that Angelo had lied and had just now made the bet. Charlie became very angry and fought with all his might and eventually defeated the three Tigers. The wrestler won the match, but Angelo was very angry and wanted revenge. He ordered Cobra to announce in the announcer that he would give a thousand dollars for those how took the mask off the Charlie's face. Many attacked Charlie at the time, but he successfully defended himself and fled the hall. Angelo then did not look for the wrestler, but returned to his home. Cobra then brings to him two new recruit. One is Sonny and the other is Charlie himself. The two men notice that the boss is strikingly cheerful. Then Cobra tells them that Angelo is not smiling because he is cheerful, but because he is suffering from a long-term pain disorder (Trigeminal neuralgia). He wants to eat, but then he gives a little food to an illiterate because he got a letter to poison him with cyanide. There was no problem with the food, then Angelo started eating and was interested in what the two recruits were capable of. He calls two cruel men into the room and tells the recruits that if the defeat the two thugs, they will be the part of the family. Charlie and Sonny win, so Angelo accepts them and already gives them an assignment. Their first job was to keep order in one of Angelo’s nightclubs. However, the assignment is unpleasantly successful as Sonny and Charlie beat a arrogant old man who has won too much in roulette. He was Senator O'Riordan, who threatened to do a major cleanup and liquidate the gangs of criminals. Angelo was angry because the senator hadn't been killed, but Sonny had made him believe it would be another time, without eyewitnesses. The mafia leader then gives them a different job. Their job will be to collect the defense money. Here, the two men face Angelo causing how much suffering to the population. Wherever they go, no one can pay, everyone was very poor and exhausted. Instead of collecting the money, they helped people, they even bought food for a family. However, they were worried about what they would tell Angelo. They wanted to rob a bank, but other gangsters did so and even robbed the two men. Then they noticed Colosimo’s criminals and decided to take the money from them. Then Judas, an informer, notified the police and later Angelo as well. However, the two men lied to Angelo that Colosimo's men had broken the deal and that Colosimo said he was ripping Angelo's dentures. Angelo became extremely angry and wanted revenge. He ordered Charlie to go to Senator O’Riordan’s house and kill the old man. Angelo says he will pay off a cop who will lie that they were Colosimo's men. And he sends Sonny to the hospital to kill the two thugs from whom the money was taken. However, unpleasant surprises occurred here as well.

The two men were killed by police officers at the behest of Captain Mackintosh, and Senator O'Riordan slipped on a banana peel and splashed his head in an empty pool. Then the war broke out, Angelo and Colosimo's men killed each other without stopping. Mackintosh has consistently received reports that there have been dozens the number of the dead. Angelo was pleased, rewarding Charliet and Sonny, but suddenly Cobra came to him. He visited the family with whom the two heroes had a very good relationship. The family said the two people are internal affairs people and are secretly investigating. Cobra beat the father in rage and reported to Angelo, who ordered he and his minions to kill the two men. But they escaped successfully. They are captured by the police, but they are released soon. Charlie then wants to get back in the ring and leave Sonny. The next day, however, he sees Angelo taking the whole family hostage. Cobra wants to catch Charlie but he easily disarms the gangster. Then they go into the house. Angelo is just playing with the baby and then giving the child to his father. However, he states that if he dies, his men will kill Charlie and the entire innocent family as well. Charlie accepted Angelo's offer that he, the gangster and his men go to the harbor in return they not to hurt the family. Sonny when he first saw them he thought Charlie had lied to him, but the family tells him the truth. In the harbor, Angelo ordered his men to look for a long, thick rope. He wanted to hang Charlie under the water, who was a little scared. A rope holding an oil barrels was found. When the barrels crashed into the ground, because of the noise, Sonny knew where his friend was. When he arrived, Charlie took Angelo hostage, then Sonny started firing with a Tommy submachine gun. The thugs were frightened and then, at Angelo's command, all threw their guns into the water. No one died, but Sonny had no more ammunition. Angelo noticed this and ordered his men to throw the two men into the water. Then a big fight broke out in a warehouse. At the end of the fight, Captain Mackintosh and a bunch of cops arrived because they were notified by two policemen. Angelo was arrested by police and his criminal organization was probably disbanded without a the leader.


Angelo was actually a cruel, very sadistic, wrathful mafia leader. He was always a impatient, nervous and dreaded person, and he became very angry, even at the slightest failure. However, Angelo was also a very determined leader. He always spoke openly and decisively, and never showed any signs of fear. On two occasions, when a real weapon was held in front of him, unlike his men, Angelo never surrendered.

His two more important qualities were that he was careful and hated the Irish. Angelo bought anything and got it, tried it with others, he was a cunning man. His father was abducted and beaten by Irish criminals, and he felt serious hatred for them because of this.