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Angelo Bronte is a supporting antagonist in the 2018 videogame Red Dead Redemption II. He is the main antagonist of the St Denis Chapter.

He is a popular crime boss stationed in St Denis.

He was voiced by Jim Pirri, who also played Grimbyte in Bunnicula, Clive Cross in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Akeel Min Riah in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


Angelo Bronte is a wealthy Italian businessman and crime lord, mainly operating in the city of Saint Denis. He has a been a long time supporter of law enforcement and frequently attends social events with Saint Denis politicians. He has connections to many high ranked state officials. His criminal business consists of bribery and defrauding officials to increase their financing, which includes many connections to businesses in the city. He is also implied to be responsible for the death of Saint Denis policeman Henry Jenkins, who was investigating Bronte's criminal activities.

In 1899, Bronte was given a 4-year old child named Jack Marston from one of his associates, Catherine Braithwaite.

Some time latter, the Van der Linde gang , who the Braithwaites took the boy from, eventually traveled in Bronte's mansion in Saint Denis and concerned the doorman to let them inside and meet with him. The leader of the gang, Dutch van der Linde, along with two of his cohorts, Arthur Morgan and and Jack's father John Marston, asked if Jack could be returned, but Bronte instead assigns Arthur and John to eliminate a group of grave robbers in a nearby cementery. Once the pair do so and return, Bronte kept his promise and returned Jack.

As the trio returned to camp, Jack informed the group on how kind Bronte was to him, even referring to him as "Papa Bronte" (much to the dismay of John). Shortly after, Bronte invited Dutch to a party at the residence of the Mayor, Henri Lemieux. Dutch accepts, taking Arthur, Bill Williamson and Hosea Matthews with him. Bronte makes various snide and condescending comments about the other guests. Before the gang departs, Bronte tells Dutch about a trolley train in the city, claiming it is filled with money and gives the gang his blessing to rob it.

Dutch soon decided to take up Bronte's reccommendation, and, taking Arthur and Lenny Summers with him, the trio robbed the trolley station. However, the tip is revealed to have been a set-up, as the money stash turns out to be extremely minimal and dozens of lawmen pursue the trio throughout the city, with the Police Chief having been alerted via telegram by Bronte. After narrowing managing to escape, Dutch swore revenge against the Italian Mob boss for his betrayal

In spite of some opposition from the gang, Dutch proceeded with the plan, with him and numerous gang members ambushing Bronte's residence from behind at night by taking a boat through the swamps. The Van der Linde gang successfully dispatched Bronte's henchmen and raided his mansion. After trying to hide inside a bathtub, Bronte is found by Arthur and John; the crimelord attempts to shoot them, but his pistol jams and he throws it away, hitting John in the face. Bronte then attempts to negotiate, but an enraged John knocks him unconscious, and Arthur carries his body out of the mansion and into the gang's boat.

When he regains consciousness, Bronte unsuccessfully attempts to bribe the gang into betraying Dutch. He then repeatedly insults Dutch, telling him that the law will find him and that he is "nothing" compared to Bronte. Dutch soon flies into a rage and drowns Bronte to death, tossing his body overboard to be consumed by an alligator, to the disgust of Arthur and John.

After his death, Bronte's Italian mob is taken over by one of his former henchmen, Guido Martelli.


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