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Angelo Lopez is the co-leader of Los Carnales and serves as the main antagonist of the Los Carnales arc in Saints Row.


Angelo Lopez was Hector's younger brother and the co-leader of Los Carnales in name only, as Hector called all of the shots. Angelo has many stereotypical Hispanic male character traits, including an overabundance of machismo and a temper that rivals Johnny Gat's.

Angelo became the de-facto leader of Los Carnales after Hector's assassination by The Protagonist, but Angelo depended heavily on Victor Rodriguez for support and advice. He appeared to be fond of his girlfriend, Luz Avalos, but her blatant materialism seemed to cause him no end of frustration.

Angelo was not so attached to Luz that it prevented him from losing his temper and striking Luz, or kept Angelo from attempting to save his own neck when Luz's indecision about which shoes to pack causes her to be late for Angelo's escape flight out of Stilwater. Angelo was killed by Dexter Jackson and The Protagonist when his escape via private jet was shot down during take off.


  • Angelo is the only killed gang boss from the first game that is mentioned by name in the second one, and that by his former girlfriend Luz.
  • Angelo has some similarities to Killbane as both are drug dealers, become the new leaders after their original leaders are killed by the Protagonist, and attempt to leave the city after the Saints leader cripples their groups. Though unlike Killbane, Angelo only leads one gang and failed in his escape while Killbane leads an organization and is the leader of all three gangs and canonically succeeded in his escape.

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