Act 1-10C
The prison job... It's Angelo Tucci. It's too late, you'll never find him.
~ Lance Brenner to Aiden Pearce.

Angelo Tucci is a minor antagonist of the 2013 open world video game Watch_Dogs. He is a fixer hired by the Chicago South Club to abduct Black Viceroys member Raul Lionzo from prison in order to discover the true identity of "The Vigilante".


During the mission "Not the Pizza Guy", Aiden Pearce, AKA the Vigilante, discovers from his fixer friend Jordi Chin that a group of fixers have been hired by The Club to abduct Raul Lionzo, a Viceroy who survived being stabbed by Jordi after seeing Aiden's face and is now in jail, in order to interrogate him and discover Aiden's identity. As a result, he attacks Angelo's associate Lance Brenner and interrogates him, discovering that Tucci is leading a convoy disguised as a federal contractor team bringing Lionzo to court in order to kidnap and interrogate him and discover Aiden's identity.

During the following mission, "Wrench in the Works", Pearce tracks down Tucci's niece Helena and makes a fake phone call to her asking for his contact information. He then hacks her phone when she calls Tucci to tell him she thinks the police are after him, allowing him to trace Tucci's phone and find him. Aiden then attacks the convoy and immobilizes Tucci's car before either knocking him out, wounding him or killing him in a shootout.

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