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Villain Overview

The Angels of Paradiso are the main antagonists of the Bayonetta videogame series. In spite of their status, contrary to common views of them, angels in Bayonetta series are pitiless beings who care little for humanity and will stop at nothing to ensure their victory against witches and demons, often decimating human population unlucky enough to get caught in the cataclysmic crossfire: to make matters worse angels can only be seen by either the ones who have strong spiritual powers or those who are chosen by angels, making minimizing damage that much more difficult.


Only the soldiers and guardians of Paradiso, known as The Hierarchy of Laguna, are encountered. During the Clan Wars, the Angels fought on the front lines alongside the Lumen Sages against the Umbra Witches and Infernal Demons. All Angels share certain characteristics: marble-like skin, gold and ivory armor and a golden halo above their heads or bodies. Lower-ranking Angels (such as Affinity and Applaud) seem to resemble the stereotypical concept of angels in Christianity, whilst higher-ranking Angels are not always humanoid in appearance, such as Fortitudo, Iustitia, Sapientia, Harmony and Kinship.

Although most Angels are physical beings, some have broken free of any physical bonds and are truly spiritual, such as Joy, who are members of the Seraphim class within the angelic hierarchy's First Sphere.

Hierarchy of Laguna



  1. Fortitudo
  2. Temperantia
  3. Iustitia
  4. Sapientia

First Sphere Angels



Braves are First Sphere Angels that serve Jubileus, The Creator. They bear striking resemblance to Beloved but are faster when attacking. They make their debut as individuals with ability to merge together.

It can be said that Braves are capable of carrying God upon their shoulders. Moving in groups of three, each Brave wears the halo of the Second Sphere Powers upon its head; however when necessary, Braves can combine three of their bodies into one true form, a First Sphere Cherubim. Boasting the most brute strength of all the inhabitants of Paradiso, an unknown number of evils have faced judgement at the hands of Braves. When they combine and merge together they strike a unique pose.

Gracious and Glorious

Gracious & Glorious.png

Gracious and Glorious are two high-ranking Laguna belonging to the First Sphere. They look similar to Grace and Glory and fight using very similar tactics. They are widely regarded by players as being the most difficult and powerful enemies in the game.

Within the nine ranks of the angelic hierarchy, the highest ranking Seraphim are charged with governing the love and zeal of The Creator. The pure white armored Gracious and the black armor-clad Glorious are often sighted in pairs; however, their existence itself remains legend, subject to rumors of varied veracity.

Supposedly gifted with incredible god-like powers there are no records of Gracious or Glorious appearing on the battlefield of evil; however, it is said this is because a mere taste of their power is enough to destroy the world, devastating all its path - both the record and the record-keeper.



Inspired are another Angels of Paradiso that are part of the Hierarchy of Laguna. They are another enemy of Bayonetta and can be seen flying around the skies of Paradiso.

Inspired are members of the angelic First Sphere, in the rank known as Thrones. Those in this class are spiritual beings of the highest order, never meeting directly with humanity. Works of art have depicted them as flaming wheels; however, artists of true inspiration have pictured Inspired as a long snake-like body encircling upon itself. It is often thought that Inspired act as a wheel, holding up the chariot of the beloved God. In truth, Inspired are actually fighting alongside their angelic cohorts, randomly swallowing up the followers of darkness.



Joys are female-looking Angels that are very powerful high-rank soldiers of Laguna. Though they have no definite form, assuming any form which they wish, they seem to prefer their female form. They appear to act as doppelgangers to Umbra Witches, possessing many of their moves and abilities and because of this have an incredibly wide range of attacks and powers. Their weapons seem to be made of the same material as Golems, and have the ability to reform to many of Bayonetta's weapons. They are first encountered during Chapter VI: The Gates of Paradise. While defending Cereza from a Beloved, a Joy disguised as Bayonetta kidnaps the girl. After a short chase, in which the Seraphim attacks with light barriers, Bayonetta faces her doppelganger and the Joy finally shows its real form.

Joys are members of the Seraphim class within the angelic hierarchy's First Sphere. These beings have broken free of any physical conception of form and have become truly spiritual.

Their body is as free as a flowing river, and it takes shape only on a temporary basis. Joys may take the shape of the human feminine form, but can also shapeshift, or even separate into multiple sentient forms at will.



Glamor made their debuts in Bayonetta 2. Like Joy and Enchant, Glamors symbolize virgin constellation, having serpentine bodies. They possess faces displaying upside down to their chests with ability to communicate and interact. They first attempted take Loki to Heaven's Gate, destroying Noatun in the process. But their attempt was frustrated by Bayonetta who summoned Diomedes, a powerful demon that proceeded to make mincemeats out of Glamors and faces of Glamors were dragged to hell. But not before shooting ice projectile that temporarily separates Bayonetta and Loki. Glamors shoots ices from their heads and charges. Boss Glamor manipulates elements, feather darts, claw swipes and building throws.

Stamina of Glamors vary: Glamors at the Heaven's Gate possess one-line vitalities but Boss Glamor possesses stamina equivalent to Auditio.


Valiance appears as an angelic celestial knight with a red muscular armored body with a pair of golden wings who look for Loki, only to run into Bayonetta.

Valiance's most unique feature is its face/head without a neck: its face is built into the hilt of the gigantic sword which it carries. Valiance uses this face to speak and holds the sword upright when talking. The sword Valiance carries has multiple styles of attacks: wide sweeping slashes, an overhead swing, a slash that cuts into the ground and on occasion it will also stab the ground should Bayonetta gets too close. If Valiance grabs Bayonetta it will slam her into the ground before stabbing her. Valiance's secondary attacks are arrows that explodes upon contact/landing and stomps for close combat. Arrows can be destroyed with shots.

Unusually for an angel, Valiance appears to be completely mechanical under its outer skin composed a glowing blue power core in its abdomen and possessing what seems to be headlights for its eyes. The only other angels that bear these features are Valor and Sapientia.


Valor Render.jpg

Valor makes its debut in Bayonetta 2. The land-based angel attempts to impede Bayonetta and Loki travelling towards Fimbulventr by destroying the Bridge To The Heavens. Although Valor posesses faces on its shield and blade, only the face is able to engage a conversation (also it is the shield-face that gets sealed in hell upon defeat). Valor is a very heavily armored knight that uses its sword which has incredibly long range with the ability to contract and expand, for the majority of its attacks. Valor can also throw its shield to a deadly effect. When fighting underwater Valor will try to ram Bayonetta. Valor was defeated by Hydra which Bayonetta summoned, but not before destroying the ground where it and Bayonetta stood, forcing the witch and her group to travel underground.

Valor makes a reappearance during the final chapter, attacking Bayonetta and Balder on their way to Fimbulventr, only to be defeated again.



A cy-brid angel belonging to First Sphere angels. It is one of the rarest and largest angels in the game. It only appears in the background of the level and cannot be fought directly. It makes its entrance by colliding onto Sapientia and thereafter obliterates Vigrid with its laser arsenal. Bayonetta attacks it, but the larger angel remains unscathed. When Bayonetta self-destructs her Umbran Armor to escape from the grasp of Iustitia, the colossal angel is taken down in the explosion. The concept art of Resplendence shows that it was intended to have battle damage, intended to be full-fledged enemy character for Bayonetta to fight.

Second Sphere Angels


I must become the cornerstone of the Left Eye!
~ Beloved's first words in Bayonetta: Bloody Fate


Beloved is a type of giant angelic warrior that fights in Laguna's ranks. They are effectively the Laguna's heavies, wielding massive weapons in combat and they serve Jubileus, The Creator.

Beloved is a member of the Second Sphere class Powers, ranked sixth in the angelic hierarchy. Its status is more that of a spiritual being, but it is also burdened with destroying the enemies of Paradiso. While still considered amongst the lower classes of angels, Beloved's power is of a far higher order than that of a human, and even those with strong spiritual powers are seldom afforded the chance to meet this being. Excelling in combat, Beloved are known for brilliant exploits in demonic battles.

There are five variations to Beloved;

  • Beloved A - has a child face
  • Beloved B - has a teen face
  • Beloved C - larger than B and A, possessing old man's face
  • Beloved D - wearing goggles on its face
  • Beloved E - carries twin tomahawks



Fairness are large dog/draconic-like Angels that have molten skin and are enveloped in flames. They all serve The Creator.

A Virtue charged with the administration of miracles, it is wrapped in flames when appearing in the physical world, a power emblematic of its courage. A torrent of flame blazing as bright as the sun, these flames become the light that burns away darkness from those who receive the graces of a Fairness. However, for those out of the angel's good graces, they are the fire and brimstone of destruction. Bayonetta will encounter a Fairness in each part of the game. A Fairness first shows up in Vigrid Town and will try to attack.



Bestial, quadrupedal angels belong to the Dominions within the Second Sphere of the Hierarchy of Laguna. Able to manipulate lightning, it is said that almost all of occurrence lightning in the world is a result of the actions of these angels.

They are swift enemies that have an affinity for lightning-based attacks. Fearless also possess a wide variety of additional attacks: pouncing at their opponents, launching their tails, and they can fire a sweeping beam of lightning from their mouths. Fortunately while painful, lightning attacks has no paralysis effect.

One of Fearless is owned by Temperantia as a pet.

Grace and Glory

Grace and Glory.png

Grace and Glory are powerful enemies fought multiple times in Bayonetta.

Grace, draped in flame, and Glory, controller of lightning, are the twin escorts of the Creator. They share a wild disposition and are often depicted as gods of war, heroically leading the soldiers of Paradiso into battle, with their giant claw-like weapons being symbols of their ferocity. Humanity recognizes the increased spiritual power of twins, a power that comes from the blessings of Grace and Glory. Bayonetta will encounter different Grace and Glory dues in some parts of the game.

Both Angels have the ability to extend their claws by using elemental bonds as a tether, drastically increasing the reach of their attacks.


Harmony Page.png

Harmony are Angels who serve Jubileus.

Within the Second Sphere Dominions, whose name imparts feelings of control, soverignity, and governence, the angels named Harmony stand as a special symbol of peace. When appearing in our world, it is said that humans experience their prescence as an auroraesque light; however, when viewed from Purgatorio, one would see Harmony embracing humans within their outstretched, fin-like wings. Often pictured holding a trident and floating through the skies, Harmony are tasked with the defense of the Heavens, even within Paradiso itself.


Cryokinetic angels (other than that deal them same as Urbane) that appear in Bayonetta 2. First appearing as chasing Loki to the top of the Cathedral of Cascades. Gravitas either appear alone or alongside their counterpart Urbanes. Gravitas' limbs function like a pair of maces which Gravitas use to swipe a frontal arc, ram the weapon into the ground or fire the ball & chain from the air. Gravitas can also fire a large sweeping beam of ice from their heads that can freeze and immobilize Bayonetta upon contact.

Upon being defeated, Gravitas may sometimes drop its mace weapon for Bayonetta to use.


Urbane Render.jpg

Pyrokinetic angel that appears in Bayonetta 2 Urbanes either appear alone or alongside its cryokinetic counterpart Gravitas. Urbanes is said to be shaped by the subconscious fears of humans. Its limbs are very large and function like maces for swiping a frontal arc, ram the weapon into the ground or fire the ball & chain from the air. But unlike powerful upper body Urbanes have small lower bodies but they should not be underestimated, as Urbanes use rocket jump to pounce their enemies below. Urbane's head is located at torso. A rarer but much more powerful attack is where it shoots a powerful laser from its head after a brief charging period.

Upon being defeated, Urbane may sometimes drop its mace weapon for Bayonetta to use.


Belief is a huge angel with a whip for an arm (called Dragon Tail) which it attacks Bayonetta with: it uses its whip arm to carry out a variety of different melee attacks as well as grab onto objects. It has a grab attack but rarely uses it. The whip can also drain Bayonetta's health slowly when grabbing her until it smashes her to the ground.

It has a mixture of two cherubic faces on its left breast that open up to reveal a spiked mouth. It also has a pair of small golden wings on its back. despite its tremendous size (which it uses for charge attack), Belief, when need arises, can be an very fast and mobile that is able to keep up pace with a bullet train through running alone. The mouth it possesses can spit out a sticky green slime that freezes Bayonetta in place for a brief moment unless she breaks free. Although appearing as a mini-boss as a single entity, Belief appeared in en masse during war with Inferno.


Worship Page.png

Worship is a flying cy-brid warship-type angel that has an equal rank to Kinship appearing in Bayonetta 2. Like Temperantia Worship puts up frontal barrier. Unlike Kinship, which is an armed transportation vessel for angels, Worship is fully armed, serving as angels' main warship. Along with Resplendence, it is one of the rarest angelic enemies in the game, only confronted in a single encounter (but it is treated better than Resplendence: at least Worship made an appearance as a legitimate enemy, whereas Resplendence is only a background character). Despite its size, it is dwarfed by the much larger Resplendence.

It has multiple faces (its weaknesses and heads split open for an attack) over its bulk, modeled to appear similar to Lumen depictions of the sun. Past followers of Laguna believed to sacrifice their souls and become part of the ship was to receive the highest form of bliss. Upon its debut it obliterated many witches with its powerful beam weapons but it is defeated by Bayonetta during aerial battle. Other Worships are eventually presumed to be destroyed by other witches, albeit suffering heavy casualties.



Appearing only in the realm of Paradiso, the Kinship are floating weapon platforms with an arsenal of dangerous ranged attacks.

Kinship, as one of the Second Sphere Powers charged with defeating evil beings, is responsible for transporting the forces of Paradiso onto the battlefield. Leading countless Angels to the front lines, catching sight of Kinship's magnificent flying appearance is analogous to many as the arrival of true happiness. It is thought that Kinship is the angelic manifestation of the ark that saved a foolish human race from the devastating flood described in the Book of Creation within the scriptures of Ithavoll.

Third Sphere Angels



Applaud Page 2.png

Applauds serve as grunts to Laguna's armies like Affinities. They are similar to Affinities, but larger, stronger, and much more durable. Applauds are archangels whereas Affinities are angels, outranking Affinities: Applauds often lead Affinities in battles.

There are two variants of Applauds: A and B. Applaud A is the more powerful of the two Applaud types. A carry a segmented weapon that can work as a bow that inflicts quite a damage or a pair of chain-swords. A also has a propensity for being passive. B carry the same golden staff with a rounded blade at its top and can spin its staff quickly to parry incoming bullets. B can also wield golden keys in combat (during heaven stage), when wielding the key B will mimic an charge attack identical to Ardor's.


Accolade are Centaurian angels that appears in Bayonetta 2. Accolade' colors depend on what types of weapons they are armed with and they possess a pair of wings, much like Acceptance. Its most noticeable feature is the face was built into its torso. Whereas Acceptance is in cavalry position, Accolades are in a team leader position, outranking Acceptance.

Accolades appear as 4 different variants throughout the game, each with their own distinct armor and weaponry to combat, with C &n D being toughest of the bunch:

  • Accolade A: Donning red armor, A uses a lance weapon like Acceptance.
  • Accolade B: B wears green armor and wields dual swords.
  • Accolade C: Wearing yellow armor and wields a warhammer.
  • Accolade D: Wearing silver armor and wields a pair of shields that block attacks.


Enrapture appears in Bayonetta 2 and is the angelic counterpart to demon's Malicious (but Malicious does not have conjoined body). Born eons ago Enrapture is considered to be the oldest angel(s) ever existed. It has two eyes in the middle of its body with appearance of two bodies having conjoined: why does it look like that remains mystery. It has four limbs at the corners of its body, each ending in claws. Enrapture carries a large staff in the shape of a sun which it also uses to smack Bayonetta for close combat. Enrapture levitates for movement.

Enrapture acts as a supporting-type angel and never appears alone, it will always stay far from Bayonetta as the other angels in the group fight with her. Enrapture possesses little health and should always be killed first due to its spellcasting skill which empowers other angels (Enrapture must channel to maintain this spell, so any damage will interrupt the effect. Additionally, the empowerment does not work on other fellow Enraptures) and incapacitates Bayonetta's movements by casting a magic coil. Enrapture's spells can also directly damage Bayonetta by firing glowing orbs of energy at her. Enrapture's another powerful spell is its ability to steal Bayonetta's magics.

When near death, Enrapture will attempt to lunge at Bayonetta for self-destruction, dealing damage if not shaken off in time.


WUPP AQU enmyA10-Fidelity 1 R ad.jpg

Fidelity is amphibious angel in Bayonetta 2 (is also capable of flying/levitation). Fidelity possesses a round body and at the front of its head are three human faces that converge at a small hole on the front that acts as a mouth for interaction. Behind its body, total of six tentacles (3 for movement, remaining three to draw saber blades for combat) with gold spike ornaments stick out. When in water, the angel releases a series of energy bubbles that act as floating mines, damaging Bayonetta if she touches them, making Fidelity very formidable enemy to fight underwater. Another of Fidelity's attacks is to pounce on Bayonetta and pin her to the ground as it charges up a laser attack: this is QTE and if Bayonetta does not escape in time, Fidelity will fire its laser at point-blank range, dealing damage to her.



Ardors are large powerful fighters that support smaller Angels in combat. They carry with them a large maple-seed serrated sword and a segmented shield.

The highest ranking member of the Third Sphere, Ardor are christened with the rank of Principalities. Presiding over the protection of the masses from evil spirits, they are equipped with a shield and armor of proof. Wielding the power of Paradiso on those who encroach upon happiness, Ardor are recipients of much adoration from those seeking salvation.


Allegiance Render.jpg

Large Centaurian angel in Bayonetta 2 similar to Acceptance, Accolade and the most powerful of the Centaurian angels brethren. Allegiance first appears during Bayonetta and Loki's brief trip into Paradiso (Chapter 7) and appears sporadically throughout the rest of the game in Muspelheims and other Verses: to clear Muspelheim Bayonetta must clear the stage with no damage - but Allegiance's powerful melee attacks makes it extremely difficult to achieve that goal. Allegiance can utilize its set of weapons with versatility: It uses a long flaming sword with the capability of extending in a whip-like fashion for melee attacks, giving it incredibly long range with its standard slashes and stabs. Allegiance can also stab its sword into the ground, causing the tip to explode upwards underneath Bayonetta in a burst of flame. The shield it carries can also split apart to be used in two different ways: Allegiance can either spin the shield segments around itself for defense or it can target them around Bayonetta, hurling them at her.

Dear & Decorations

Dear and Decorations.jpg

The most basic and simple of the Angels of Paradiso, Dear and Decorations appear infrequently throughout the game. Decorations are first seen in the Prologue Chapter: The Vestibule, though they are not properly introduced and given an entry, along with Dear, until Chapter II.

With limited spiritual powers, this angel is spotted comparatively frequently within the physical, human world. Dears, with their dignified faces, are surrounded by the countless childlike faces of their Decorations. Capriciously firing arrows, they are often mistaken for Cupid. It is said that one of their arrows, shot through the heart of a believer, can be as infatuating as the goddess of love. Since he is the boss of decorations, he may use a power where he forms a magical globe as a protect. In orders, he may get health and more powers from the opponent by the decorations.



The Enchants are weal based Angels that fight Bayonetta in some levels. An Angel shaped like a cart wheel. The impetus behind this fateful form was the Creator's despire to craft an Angel designed to compel humanity to continue its struggle and feel no satisfaction at surpassing others. Enchants protect the field of God from human encroachment and are further responsible for passing communication to Paradiso and correcting the trespasses of humanity.

It has a human face attached in the middle of the wheel. Enchant attacks by hurling fires and ramming onto Bayonetta by rolling. Although having a weak health, Enchants' agility makes them very annoying opponents. Bayonetta can pick them up and throw them at other angels, damaging them. Enchants have only appeared in Bayonetta.


Acceptance Render.jpg

Centaurian angel making its debut in Bayonetta 2, replacing affinities of Bayonetta. that are one of common enemies in early phase of the game. Its humanoid torso lacks a head on its shoulders but instead, there is a large face built into its stomach. They usually appear in groups of 3 or more, or as backup for stronger enemies.

There are two variants of Acceptance, which only vary in terms of weapons they wield:

  • Acceptance A: A uses a conical spear mounted on its arm for attacking with thrusts and wide slashes. If Bayonetta moves behind it, it may attempt to kick her with its hind legs.
  • Acceptance B: B uses harp weapons that functions as a bow, B is a ranged-type enemy and will launch arrows at Bayonetta from a distance as well as swing at her with melee strike if close enough. Like the other variant, It also will kick Bayonetta with its hind legs if Bayonetta tries to move behind it.

Cachet & Compassion

Cachet & Compassion.jpg

These are airborne angels that appear in Bayonetta 2, replacing Dear & Decoration as the most basic angels in both appearance and powers. Cachet & Compassion are charged with protecting the gates of Paradiso. Cachet & Compassion possess small white bodies, tails and golden, spiked wings that are used for weapons. Cachet has two multiple faces split apart by the eyes whereas Compassion only have one face. Compassion can extend a blade from their bottom end and use it in sweeping and stabbing motions. Cachet also has a dangerous charge attack. They can also sink into the ground and stab the drill upward in an attempt to catch Bayonetta off guard. Bayonetta can ride on Compassion like a surfing board, inflicting damages to those it touches.

When they are fought together, Cachet command the Compassions into lining up and attacking. Killing the Cachet leader causes the remaining Compassions to disperse around the battlefield. Fighting the two angels in large numbers can be tricky.



Irenic are villains that chase Bayonetta in the Route 666 chapter.

If humans were truly able to see Angels, they would never expect an Angel to appear as an automobile. However, it goes without saying that Irenic has existed since long before even the concept of history; Irenic is charged with spreading the message of Divine Will across Paradiso, and is most commonly depicted as a boxy form with four wheels capable of achieving great speeds. Faster than even the wind, it can cross Paradiso, thousands of times larger than the human world, in nary a single day. Irenic is first known to have appeared before humanity in the mid-18th century, coinciding with the start of the Industrial Revolution and the development of the first steam-powered automobiles.


  • Despite the defeating evil beings in the Hierarchy of Laguna Kinships are also evil by helping the destruction of earth.
  • Despite their name being Fairness, they fight dirty.
  • The Angelus from Top Cow Comics / Image Comics is similar to Angels of Paradiso in general, as despite representing order and light (as well as depicted as angelic entities), they proved to be extremely destructive in their obsession to get what they wanted, including destroying their dark counterparters.


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