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I've been waiting for so long... I'd make a much better daughter than Rose. Please won't you stay with me—forever?
~ Angie
You're still alive, huh? Be quick... before my friends murder you! Tick-tock! Your life's on the line...
~ Angie to Ethan before her boss fight.

Angie is Donna Beneviento's doll companion and a major antagonist in the 2021 video game Resident Evil Village. Angie is animated by Donna's powers, and thus serves as her paranormal sidekick in trying to stop Ethan.

She was voiced by Miyuki Sato in Japanese and Paula Rhodes (who also voiced Eveline from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard) in English.


Angie was a gift from Donna's father when she was a very young girl. She is brought to life by a genetically modified organism called Cadou. Most of the time, she lives with Donna in the Beneviento residence.

Angie is very childish, like an elementary school girl. Speaking in a high-pitched voice, she is very curious and loves to play games. Angie enjoys taunting Ethan during her attempts at stopping him through her games of hide-and-seek.

Angie, unlike most other antagonists seen in this game, is very limited when it comes to combat. She can attack and deal a significant deal of damage, but only if Ethan takes too long. She uses her game of hide-and-seek to compensate for her lack of fighting skills, hoping that others will defeat Ethan for her.

Once Ethan finds her, all she can do is try and taunt him as she has a blade forced through her porcelain skull.


Angie is a small doll with a very pail skin-tone, eyes and hair. Angie is about the size of a normal young girl, but she is not proportioned as such, being much slimmer. Angie is dressed in a white wedding gown with a white veil on the top of her head that covers her eyes.


Angie is first seen during the meeting with Mother Miranda, Alcina Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, Salvatore Moreau, and her very own Donna Beneviento over what to do with Ethan. Once Ethan woke up, she became erratic and jumped up and down. When Salvatore got in the way, she demanded he move. She was eventually told to shut up by Karl, causing her to run to the lap of Donna.

Angie appears again at House Beneviento with the Legs Flask sitting in her lap. When she is interacted with, the lights go black and Ethan looses everything in his inventory, Angie taunting him during this. She later appears when Ethan acquires a certain item that he needs to use on a door. She will sit at the particular door, but cannot be interacted with.

Her main interaction with Ethan begins after he escapes the Baby, where she appears in a room full of dolls. Donna will appear when Ethan comes into the room, animating Angie and causing the other dolls to attack Ethan. After Ethan fends them off, Angie will challenge Ethan to a game of hide-and-seek. During this game, Ethan must find her three times and stab a blade through her skull. This will cause her to scream and bleed everywhere, before escaping and going to the next room. During his final blow, she will fall to the ground limp and become an object that Ethan can sell to The Duke.



  • Angie was originally supposed to be fought in a more traditional boss-fight, with a shrunken Ethan being forced to confront a gigantic Angie inside a doll-house.
  • Angie, with Donna Benevito absent, appeared on a Japanese commercial for Resident Evil Village alongside other antagonists in sock-puppet form.


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