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Angila is the strongest minion of Lord Slug and one of the three secondrary antagonists (the other being Medamatcha and Wings) from the movie, Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug.

He was voiced by Keiichi Nanba in the Japanese version, and by John Burgmeier in the English version.


Angila accompanied Lord Slug to Earth and sought out the Dragon Balls alongside the Namekian's other minions, Medamatcha, and Wings. Later when Goku and his allies went to fight Lord Slug and his minions, Angila took on Piccolo after he killed Wings, seeking to rescue Gohan. However, the Namekian used Angila's hold on him to lift him into the air and managed to lose him in the chaos of the ensuing battle. Later when Goku took out Medamatcha, Angila fired an energy blast out of his mouth at him only for it to be deflected right back down his mouth, killing him. 

Fusion Reborn

Angila reappeared along with many other deceased villains assembled in a massive army led by Frieza after Janemba opened a portal to Hell in Fusion Reborn. He charges at Gohan when Frieza sends the army at them. But flees in terror with the rest of the villains when Gohan effortlessly kills Frieza. He was most likely killed and sent back to Hell at some later point.

Powers and Abilities

Angila has superhuman abilities and can manipulate energy in the form of energy blasts from his hands and mouth, and flight. He can also stretch his arms to great lengths.

His power level is 40,000 according to Dragon Ball Cardass.

Forms and Transformations

Majin Angila

Angila is revived and transformed into a Majin by Babidi in Dragon Ball Heroes. The Majin revival could have possibly given him a boost in power.


  • On the original cover of the movie, Angila had a different skin and clothing color.
  • He is one of the few henchmen in the Dragon Ball movies that is actually seen killing someone, killing a man for his Dragon Ball.
  • He bears a resemblance to Zarbon from the Frieza arc.


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