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Anglay (アングレイ Angurei) is a Horror and a villain TV Series Garo. Anglay is a trapper whom able to bring artwork to life and serves as main villain of episode Picture Book.

Its host, Tasuke Taniyama is portrayed by Toru Minegishi.


When entered human world from Makai, Anglay poses as a female nude portrait within a painting that wrapped in herbal paper hidden in the storage of an art exhibit. Later, the gallery owner, Tasuke Taniyama, finds the said portrait and out of curiosity, inspect it. Sensing the darkness in his soul (in form of the man's fixation on women), Anglay immediately possessed him.

Inspired by the darkness in his host's heart, Anglay has decided that it's prey of choice would be women. He has devoured a woman which resulting Watchdogs, Makai Knights' superior to sent the hero Kouga (whom bearing Garo title) to investigate this. Anglay tries to lure Kaoru to a secluded area in the building, but fails due to Kouga shows up albeit able to maintain his disguise. <p class="MsoNormal">By the time Karou revisited the art exhibit, Kouga has visited the same place earliear, forcing Anglay to uses it’s dark magic to locked every single doors in the building. He then animated a number of red-clad warriors from paintings to intercept Kouga as it tries to took Kaoru to be devoured, only for Kouga intercept him again and briefly fought him. Finally exposed by the hero as a Horror via Mado Lighter (which revealed his host' pale eyes), he was forced to escaped via tearing his vessel from the inside and briefly hides inside one of the painting only for Kouga fires a small fireball from his Mado Lighter, forcing him to jumped out and revealed his evolved form. <p class="MsoNormal">The intense battle ensues with Kouga conjures his Garo armor and fought the Horror, where the Makai Knight slayed him, but Anglay's blood ended up smeared on Kaoru's body, resulting any Horrors whom approaching her would considered her as their #1 prey. In spite of this, she eventually got rid of such conditions by Barankas though not before her said condition used by Kouga to ease his hunts.

Personality and Traits

Inspired with his vessel's unhealthy fixation on women, Anglay has decided that his favorite preys would be women. Like other Horrors, he was clever and diabolical, able to behave like his host Tasuke without attracting much attention.

While originally possesses abilities of possession, flight, and superhuman attributes in his Yin-Self form, Anglay gained new powers which are ability to magically locked every single doors and windows of a building, conjuring red-clad familiar warriors, and corrosive paint blasts and bolts. His method of devouring a victim is by liquify them into paint-like mass that he sucked into his mouth.

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