The Angora Cat is a cat who is friends with Snowbell in the 1945 novel, Stuart Little

Unlike most characters in the Stuart Little novel, the angora cat was never seen in any Stuart Little films or any TV show episodes.  

It is unknown what her real name is.


The Angora cat appeared in the Stuart Little novel, when she and Snowbell have a conversation about Stuart and Margalo, and Angora threatens to eat Margalo. A pigeon overhears the cats, and writes a note to Margalo about a strange visitor who will come by, which caused Margalo to flee as the Angora cat intends to eat her.

It was implied that either the Angora cat or Snowbell killed Margalo towards the end of the novel. After that, she was never seen again.

It is unknown what happened to Agnora since she was never defeated and she was never seen again.


Agnora is a beige cat with black whiskers. It is unknown what color eyes she has.

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