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Angorra is a minor antagonist in Martin Gates' interpretation of Han Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen. She is based off the Robber Girl from the same tale. Unlike the Robber Girl from the original story, this Robber Girl does not intentionally help the female protagonist, Ellie (called Gerta in the original story).

She was voiced by Imelda Staunton in the film adaptation.

Comparisons with the Original Story

Like the Robber Girl from Anderson's story, she is the  daughter of the leader of a gang of robbers who capture Gerta. When Gerta is found, much like in the story, the Robber Girl steps in and takes her home with her. Unlike the original story, the Robber Girl, called Angorra in this version, she is not informed by Ellie her dilemma of rescuing her brother from the Snow Queen. In the original story, the girl sets Gerta free and lets her bring one of her pets, a flying reindeer with her. Even though Angorra is also spoiled like the original Robber Girl, this version has no redeemable qualities and based on what the viewers see of her rude nature, it seems like Angorra could really care less about Ellie's plight, even if Ellie was given the opportunity to tell her.

Role in the Adaptation

When Angorra's father, the Robber King, captures the protagonist, Ellie, while acquiring her "Royal Run-Around", Angorra pushes through the group of gang members and questions Ellie's presence, which follows with her asking her father if she could keep Ellie as her own servant, and not her playmate as seen in the original story. Her father allows this, but will eventually change his mind. While Angorra binds Ellie in a dark room, the Robber King holds a party in which he changes his mind over letting Angorra keep Ellie. When he tells her that she needs to be gotten rid of, Angorra throws a spoiled temper tantrum. Afterwards, she barges into the dark room only to find that Ellie and another one of her prisoners, a flying reindeer named Dimly, are trying to escape. When she is accidently trapped in a barrell, she angrily screams for her father, who grabs onto a rope around Dimly's neck. When he falls, it is Angorra who breaks his fall.

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