Thats an Angostura (Snork: What? What`s that?) It`s a plant that eats insects (Snork: Hey! My sister is not an insect so let her go at once!)
~ Snufkin and Snork talking about the Angostura while facing it.

The Angostura was the name of a big and vile flesh eating plant (In the book version it was a literal man-eating tree) and was a antagonist in Comet in Moominland. In the movie (and the book) it was trying to eat Snorkmaiden, but was defeated by Moomintroll and his friends.


At some point the Angostura captured Snorkmaiden, as it saw Snorkmaiden as a prey. However Moomin, Snufkin, Sniff and Little My got involved thanks to Snorkmaiden and her Snork calling to help. The Angostura tried to catch and eat Moomin and Little My for trying to free Snorkmaiden.

Snufkin and Snork decided to distract the monster plant by teasing it, while their attempt was partly succesful, it was not enough as few vines and eyes were still focusing on Moomin and Snorkmaiden, only for Little My to try to fight those vines and eyeball flowers off.

While Little My was distracting the monstrous plant, Snufkin gave Moomin a knife, which Moomin used to defeat the plant, possibly leading the Angostura to its demise, though it is unknown if it truly died or was simply scarred and wounded since Moomin scolds it (As seen in the 1993 animated movie at least) after it`s defeated.


In the Animated Movie from 1993, the Angostura has the appearence of a man-eating plant, with vines with eyeballs, and has a main head which it uses to digest its prey. Whenever it gets angry, the eyes turn red.

In the book and the stop-motion cartoon movie, The Angostura seems to be a literal man-eating tree with eyeballs on top of the twigs and/or leaves.


  • The Angostura`s main head has somewhat of a similiar appearence to the Pirhana Plants from the Super Mario Game series
  • The Angostura`s name seems to come from the alcholic drink Angostura bitters
  • the Angostura seems to be the only type of characters that can be considered to be antagonists in the Moomin series next to The Groke, Lady of Cold, the Hattifatteners, all the Pirates of moominvalley, Stinky, The Imp (though the Imp only appeared in the 1990s series) The Witch, The Octopus in the shipwreck, the Antlion and The Ghost. Unlike most of these antagonists however, The Angostura seems to be one the few antagonists in the Moomin series (the others would be the Antlion, the Imp and one certain pirate) that attempted to purposefully kill or harm the main characters in someway.