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The Angry Archer is a robin hood-styled supervillain in Transformers: Animated He uses a bowen arrow as his weapon. He is voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett.


He makes his debut in the episode "Home is where the spark is" robbing an armored car, when suddenly the cops arrived over to arrest him, but then he tried to use a disguised Optimus Prime (as a fire engine)  to escape , but his attempt failed after Prime transforms in bot mode and snatches him into his hand, after that, Angry Archer uses his magnet arrow to shoot at a light pole, and glides but fails, when Optimus subdues the thief easily, and smiles for evening news cameras.

He returns in Garbage In, Garbage Out, where he runs away from the sheriff, and makes Wreck-Gar his new partner in crime, and teaches him how to become a criminal like him, and destroy another armored car in order to steal a Biohazardous object of Sumdac Systems, but when Sari reminded Ratchet and Bumblebee to catch the bad guy, Wreck-Gar replied and threw him far into the air.

In the episode Society of Ultimate Villainy, he appears working with the team.


  • He is a parody of Green Arrow from the DC Comics, Hawkeye from the Marvel Comics, Robin Hood, and some other archer-themed supercharacters.
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