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Are we there yet?
~ Stanners' catchphrase.
The list of his crimes is long and tedious, and I do not wish to bore the reader with a recital of them all. But it is not just I who has suffered. The ginger demon's sociopathy knows no bounds. He has never been seen to show remorse or exhibit the slightest empathy for those around him. Furthermore, even when castigated for his misdemeanors, he fails to learn from his experiences.
~ Part of Lil' Sis' description of Angry Kid for the essay she wrote on him.

Stanners, better known as Angry Kid, is the titular main protagonist and anti-hero of the Aardman animated adult series of the same name. He is Dad's and Mum's eldest son, Lil' Sis' older brother, and Speccy's best friend/enemy.

He is voiced by Darren Walsh.


Stanners is mostly seen in his father's car, at school, at home or riding his bike. The mean things he has done is teasing Lil Sis, swearing or picking on Speccy and fed him peanuts even though Speccy had a peanut allergy. Some of his deeds have even gone as far as to be labelled criminal, such as accusing his own father of kidnapping him, running through the streets tossing lit fireworks and bashing Speccy's head with a hammer, which nearly killed him.

Stanners usually gets his comeuppance in some form. At one point his father gained some justice on him by dumping him outside a home for orphans, hinting that he may have been disowned (though this turned out to be temporary as he's still living with his family in later episodes). He's also occasionally put in his place by his little sister, most notably after she was possessed by a sinister entity and gained supernatural abilities. There's also a dog that manages to get under his skin, even outsmarting him on occasion.


Stanners is shown to be a rude, obnoxious, foul-mouthed, argumentative and mendacious person who enjoys provoking his dad's temper, and being mean to his younger sister. While he does occasionally show a remorseful side, this is mostly a gutless attempt to keep his victims from telling on him. His dad may have been the reason for Stanners' behavior and his wife's leaving due to his alcohol addiction, abuse and neglect.


Stanners wears a white buttoned shirt, a black parka jacket, blue jeans, and sneakers. He has no visible eyebrows, and has a bizarre ginger hairstyle.




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